Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Chilling together

My kids are getting to the point where they are starting to be buddies. Sure, they annoy each other as much as anything else, but they also like to interact and have fun together. Over the last few weeks I've snapped some cute pictures of the two of them.

Over the weekend Daniel became really proficient at climbing in and out of our dining room chairs. We decided to try out normal chairs for mealtimes, and he really loves it. Family meals are so fun with everyone in a chair, and the room seems so much more spacious with the high chair folded up in the corner now. I love my kids getting more independent!

On Sunday Adam needed to deliver a huge ice chest to someone, so he had to take the carseats out of the car. We still have them in the house because the covers needed to be washed, and so yesterday Katrina spent as much time in the chair as she could. I pulled Daniel's chair over and they chilled out in front of the tv for awhil.e
My kids are both thumb-suckers. Katrina only sucks hers through her blanket, and Daniel loves to hold the tail of his turtle while sucking. It's pretty cute!
So here's a funny story: Last night Katrina watched Dora before bed, and they were singing some little ditty that sounded a bit like "Pop, goes the weasel." Katrina kept singing it as she was getting ready to bed, with various syllables, but her favorite was, "Doomba, doomba, doomba!" Adam asked her to say the prayer. For prayers, she repeats after us still. Well, this time she added something in to each phrase. It came out something like this: "Doomba, doomba, doomba! Dear Heavenly Father doomba. Thank you for this day doomba. Help us to sleep well doomba . . . . Amen, doomba, doomba, doomba!" I was trying so hard not to laugh!


Jolena said...

I just love Katrina's new haircut. And the carseats in the living room are hilarious. Here's the question. When did you kids start sucking their thumbs? I thought Spencer would suck on something, but apparently he only does when he is teething, at least for now.

Tori said...

They both started young, like at 2 months or so. Katrina stopped for awhile, but then started up later on with her blanket when she became really attached to it at 9 months or so.