Sunday, July 31, 2011

Super short new hair

Last night we did haircuts. Daniel's hair was pretty long and unmanageable, and cutting his hair requires that I sit on the floor in the bathroom with him on my lap while Adam reads him books and entertains him as best as possible. It ended up pretty choppy in the back, so next time we might try clippers. I think that will freak Daniel out though, so for now we're using just scissors.
Daniel is cute with his new 'do!

Katrina always insists on getting her hair cut too when Daniel does. Usually I just trim off a lock or so, but I decided last night to go short, as in a little bob. As haircuts typically do, it ended up shorter than I planned once it was all trimmed. I'm still not sure how I feel about it, but Katrina is thrilled. With her hair so straight and thin, it needed something to spruce it up, so after the haircut we went on a mommy/daughter trip to the store for hairclips and headbands, since our supply is fairly sparse. Katrina happily wore several items to bed and also to church.
(Caught by the flash)
She told me on the way home last night, "Daddy is going to love this!" And again in the car this morning, "My friends are going to love this." We kept telling her that her hair is short like Sophia (another girl at church). First thing in nursery Katrina went up to Sophia and said, "You like my hair?" Sophia kept on playing and doing her thing and Katrina said, "You like my dress?" It's really funny to see her interact.

I like experimenting with new things like this but I'll be relieved in a month or so when it's a little longer.

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