Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Fourth of July

We had an interesting Fourth of July. Adam and I were determined that we would give the kids a fun and memorable day, since we've traditionally been lame at celebrating holidays with the kids. We first went to the town parade, which we've never attended. The super fun thing about this parade was that anyone who wants to could be in the parade, as long as you showed up early and registered. We decided that next year we will definitely do that so the kids can be in the parade. This year we just watched. There were tons of fire engines and some fun bands, and a bunch of classic cars. Katrina got to meet a policeman and give him a high five. Daniel sat in the backpack carrier for the most part and just people-watched.

Then we headed to Adam's parents so we could see his sister one more time before she flew home. However, Daniel decided to turn into a little banshee, and we only lasted a couple hours before we just had to take them both home. Something is really off about him. He's been excessively cranky this whole weekend. Teething, maybe? I don't think it's another ear infection, because those usually disrupt his sleep pattern at night. We went grocery shopping last night and bought the apples and oranges he's been begging for all weekend, so hopefully his mood will improve with easy access to fruit.

Our plan was to see the fireworks last night but Daniel, even with a late-in-the-day nap, was driving us all batty, so we stuck him in bed and I stayed home while Adam took Katrina. I was pretty sure she would freak out and be too scared to watch, but she absolutely loved them. I think it was a great Daddy/Daughter date and hope that next year the whole family can go!

This week I am just sewing lots and keeping up with the household stuff. Plus trying to not scratch or irritate my many mosquito bites from yesterday. I need to go now and start dinner while the kids are still sleeping. Also need to clean the kitchen first. No time to rest!

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