Saturday, July 23, 2011

Baby shower gifts

I have two friends having baby showers next week. At first I thought about buying some cute wooden rattles I found on Etsy, but then my frugality and creativity took over and decided to make the gifts. :] I decided to make more small color books. Unfortunately I couldn't find wooden rings at the store, so I bought some acrylic purse rings.
I decided to make some little blanket lovies attached to rings as well. The boy one is a faux chenille style blanket. There are lots of tutorials for this online. It's time intensive, so I've never wanted to make a large one, but for a little lovey like this it's great.
As it's washed, it will get more and more soft and chenille-like. This one has only been washed once.
Just two kinds of minky for the girl one. Other than the purse rings, I had the fabric and supplies for these gifts in my fabric stash already. Makes me happy I've built up that much of a stash!
And some color books. I decided to go a little a little simpler than I have in the past by using just squares. Unlike the past, I had absolutely no problem coming up with enough fabric for each page. My stash is pretty good now for each color, especially because I save all scraps of fabric larger than a couple of inches.

They are almost exactly the same, just a few variations and the boy one has brown and black while the girl one has white and pink.
So there you go! I actually put these together super quickly. Last night and this morning I was working super hard on a bridal order that's going to Canada, because I wanted to get them in the mail today. Finally I had to give up when I realized I had to undo several things because of using the wrong color thread, and so I gave up and will finish them tonight. They're pretty cute.


Jolena said...

My MIL made a chenille quilt years ago and it is one of my favorite of all the quilts she has made, which has to be over 100. They are so heavy and soft and wonderful. I really want to make one of these color books sometime. They always look so cute!

Jolena said...

So here's the next question. Spencer would LOVE a colors book because he is so into fabric and feeling different things. I want to make one, but I don't have material for it. What are the chances that you could make one and I could buy it from you? :)

Heidi said...

I'm sure this is a stupid question but what are the rings for? I just never gotten anything with rings on them for Isabel. Just wondering...