Saturday, June 18, 2011

Peg Dolls

Katrina got invited to her very first birthday party that was a non-family party this week. I had no idea what to get this little 3 year old, even though I have one of my own, so I decided to fall back on a classic, the wooden spool dolls. Unfortunately, when I went to get the wooden spools and balls at the store, they didn't have the same size of balls anymore, so the dolls would have looked funny with too-small of heads. Then I came across this post online, and decided to make little peg dolls. The fun thing about them is that Katrina could help, so she did all the first coats, and then I had fun painting over what she did. :]
Sorry for the lame pictures, I didn't get any daytime pics.
I think her friend liked them. There are lots of little pieces, which is kind of annoying, but both Daniel and Katrina were obsessed with them, so I think the birthday girls will probably enjoy them too.
I had no yellow, which made doing blond hair difficult, and I couldn't have a full rainbow, oh well.


Betsy said...

Oh so cute! I am glad I am related to such a talented woman!

White House happenings..... said...

very cute and creative. ♥