Saturday, June 25, 2011

New skirt

I hate posting pictures of myself but I did spend the evening working on this skirt, and even though I'm not positive I like it, I'm going to go with it and wear it tomorrow.
I found one online that I liked a lot but thought to myself, I could make that! I was buying fabric on this week and since I was trying to get my order up high enough to get free shipping I decided to add a few yards of a clearance yellow fabric. This was super easy. I just folded the fabric in half, and then sewed 8 rows on the top next to the fold using elastic thread int he bobbin to make it look shirred. I could have done more rows of shirring, but I decided to stop there because the skirt was going to be shorter than I planned because the fabric was not as wide as I thought when I ordered.
I then used some white curtain remnants to make the bow and added it to the seams. Then I made little tucks all around.
I feel pretty eh about it, but it's probably my body and weight issues rather than the skirt itself.

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Jolena said...

Anything yellow is cute. Just sayin' :)