Friday, June 3, 2011

Horse show

We have an easy way of keeping track of how long we have lived here. On our very first day in Pennsylvania, Adam's boss gave him tickets to the nearby Devon Horse Show, a world-renowned horse show that is walking distance from our apartment. With a six-week old and after five days of travel, we didn't go that first year, but have gone three times since then. Today was by far the best trip. For one thing, we went in the morning instead of the afternoon heat. Also, we went on a Friday instead of a weekend--huge difference!
Of course most of the fun is walking around and looking at all the shops and booths, eating the food, and playing the games. Most years we've skipped all of that stuff, but this year Katrina wanted to go on the Ferris wheel, so Adam went up with her. She was absolutely thrilled. We also had enough money for her to play one game, so she got to play a game with a guaranteed prize, and she won a little stuffed animal duck. The man in charge was very nice and let her pick more than one duck (higher chances of winning) and then he gave Daniel his own too. As we walked over to our box (his boss owns a skybox, which as you can see from the picture is excellent seating), Daniel sat in Adam's arms saying over and over, "ducky! Ducky!" The kids loved the box and we really enjoyed the breezy, sunny day.
Tomorrow, Adam will be taking the CFA exam. This is a very tough licensing exam that he has been studying for since August or so. It is part 1 of 3, and there is about a 40% pass rate for level 1. This past week he has been taking tons of practice exams and his scores have been consistently good, so I have lots of confidence in him (and he has more confidence than he did a week ago). Unfortunately we won't find out if he passed or failed for about two months, and these next two months will be equally or more busy for him as he writes his exam prep book for the Series 79 Investment Banking exam.
I had some exciting stuff happen this week. I had an independent stylist in Florida contact me about consignment in their boutique, and also about the possibility of using some of my purses in their photoshoot next week for a fashion magazine. So I sent off five items today, and I'm crossing my fingers that something of mine will get used in the photoshoot and that my purses will sell well at their boutique. I've never done consignment before, so this should be interesting. I also have a bridal order of 8 purses that I've been working on, so I will be sending those off tomorrow.


Jolena said...

Congratulations! It seems like your business is really taking off. That's fantastic!

lsj said...

That's my daughter! Can I bust my buttons?