Sunday, June 19, 2011

Fun with hampers and 18 month stats

Last week while we were watching a family movie (Finding Nemo), the kids had some fun.

Both kids were thrilled with this game.
I love this picture of Katrina with her big, big eyes.
And this is what I have to deal with every day, off of every possible surface.
This is Daniel, ever day, maybe even every hour. He grabs his turtle, sometimes his orange blankie too, and he cuddles on the nearest surface with his thumb in his mouth, and sometimes the turtle's tail in his mouth too.

Both kids like dancing. We went to a birthday party this week and Daniel had so much fun dancing with Katrina that he kept going after her and grabbing his hands so they could dance to the music together.
Daniel had his 18 month checkup this week, and I can tell he remembers and likes our doctor, because he didn't scream and wiggle nearly as much when she checked all his orifices. He says so many words and is so active and healthy that she had absolutely no worries. He measures:
23.5 pounds (18th percentile)
33.5 inches (80th percentile)
18.5 inch head (26th percentile).
So remember how at his last appointment he had "shrunk" from his previous visit and we concluded his last measurement had been faulty? Well with this appointment, where I watched her measure and she got it just right, he really is a tall and skinny boy. Woo-hoo for some height in the family! We celebrate while we can, because we know that by age 3 he will assume his genetic shortness and join Adam and Katrina and I as Short People.

Words Daniel uses regularly (you will notice a food theme): Mommy, Daddy, water, banana ("manna"), apple, orange, grapes ("mape"), cheese, hot dog, peanut butter ("beebee butter"), doggy, ducky, turtle, blankie, clean up, hi, hello, bye bye, shoe, doctor, baby, happy, help me, more, hungry, hand, arm, Nana, Poppop, Nina, amen, thank you, me, work (all day he says to me, "Daddy!! work. work."), empty, all done, poop, pee, cracker, weee, yay. He is really good at mimicking. Today we got him to gibber fairly well "My name is Daniel. I like to dance!" and also "Happy Father's Day!" He likes to sing Ee-i-e-i-o and Twinkle Twinkle and is starting to use the actual vowel sounds. At this moment he is singing "Ee-i-e-i-o! Turtle. Turtle. Ee-i-e-i-o!"

He is doing much better in nursery and even hands back the props after we sing. He still cries a lot, is demanding, sits on my lap as much as possible, and is generally high-maintenance, but it's not bad when the other kids are in a good mood. If other kids are cranky, then it's pretty overwhelming dealing with him and them.

We're off on a family walk, but I wanted to share these pictures. I'm pretty lame about my blog lately. We keep the computer in our room so Adam can shut himself away writing each night, so I don't have it as accessible during the day and not at all at night. But I will try to do better!

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