Friday, June 3, 2011

Bridal order

I just finished an order of 8 purses for a bride. She picked a few styles she liked, told me which ones to make for who, and basically let me do what I wanted with that. She wanted black, dark silver, and light silver. Sorry the pictures are so bad. Tomorrow when the lighting is better I'll be taking care of the kids and packaging these up to be sent off, so I wanted to get pictures in tonight.
First off, I made three woven purses, the two outside ones are for bridesmaids and the middle one is for one of the moms.
Then I made four flap purses. One is gathered black and silver and the other two are asymmetrical black and silver. I used a fun black brocade for these ones, and all the purses are lined in this brocade. One nice thing about these purses is that I didn't have to do pockets or credit card slots on the insides because the bride had a small budget and a time crunch, so I decided to do her a favor and made these for much cheaper than normal. They were a lot of work though still!
This one is for one of the moms, and it's my favorite. She wanted a black or white pintucked purse like the one in my shop, but I thought that was a little too plain, so I bought some metallic silver thread to make the pintucks. Too bad I was in a hurry and grabbed it without looking at the price, because the thread was $10 and I had to pay full-price! At least I have around 500 yards of silver thread, right?
And this one was fun. I have one like this in my shop. Actually it's my most expensive clutch, so my eyes raised a little when she wanted this one, but it all worked out. She loved the buckle on the original, but that one was one of a kind, so I looked all over to find another one that was unique. I found a great supplier though, so that's great for the future.
She wanted a pop of color. I hope this is bright enough for her.

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Momza said...

Beautiful!! Every one of them!
Good luck to Adam on his tests today too!