Saturday, June 25, 2011

New skirt

I hate posting pictures of myself but I did spend the evening working on this skirt, and even though I'm not positive I like it, I'm going to go with it and wear it tomorrow.
I found one online that I liked a lot but thought to myself, I could make that! I was buying fabric on this week and since I was trying to get my order up high enough to get free shipping I decided to add a few yards of a clearance yellow fabric. This was super easy. I just folded the fabric in half, and then sewed 8 rows on the top next to the fold using elastic thread int he bobbin to make it look shirred. I could have done more rows of shirring, but I decided to stop there because the skirt was going to be shorter than I planned because the fabric was not as wide as I thought when I ordered.
I then used some white curtain remnants to make the bow and added it to the seams. Then I made little tucks all around.
I feel pretty eh about it, but it's probably my body and weight issues rather than the skirt itself.

Monday, June 20, 2011

YW Camp flag

I was asked to make the banner for the Young Women's Girls' Camp next week.  Their theme this year is Princess Academy and I was given a graphic of what their t-shirt will look like, which is just a crown and some words, and was given leeway to make whatever I wanted.  First I was just going to applique a crown in the middle and also applique the words, but then I decided to add a castle and a dragon too, and I decided to paint the words instead of appliqueing them.
You can click on the picture to see it in better detail.

I won't pretend it wasn't a lot of work, because it was!  Creating the dragon applique (I traced one from the computer and then had to draw it larger) and tracing and cutting out all of the letters with an exact knife were the most difficult and tedious parts.  I am really happy with how it turned out.  I still need to iron the letters to set them and add grommets to the top so that they can hang it up easier, but that's all.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Fun with hampers and 18 month stats

Last week while we were watching a family movie (Finding Nemo), the kids had some fun.

Both kids were thrilled with this game.
I love this picture of Katrina with her big, big eyes.
And this is what I have to deal with every day, off of every possible surface.
This is Daniel, ever day, maybe even every hour. He grabs his turtle, sometimes his orange blankie too, and he cuddles on the nearest surface with his thumb in his mouth, and sometimes the turtle's tail in his mouth too.

Both kids like dancing. We went to a birthday party this week and Daniel had so much fun dancing with Katrina that he kept going after her and grabbing his hands so they could dance to the music together.
Daniel had his 18 month checkup this week, and I can tell he remembers and likes our doctor, because he didn't scream and wiggle nearly as much when she checked all his orifices. He says so many words and is so active and healthy that she had absolutely no worries. He measures:
23.5 pounds (18th percentile)
33.5 inches (80th percentile)
18.5 inch head (26th percentile).
So remember how at his last appointment he had "shrunk" from his previous visit and we concluded his last measurement had been faulty? Well with this appointment, where I watched her measure and she got it just right, he really is a tall and skinny boy. Woo-hoo for some height in the family! We celebrate while we can, because we know that by age 3 he will assume his genetic shortness and join Adam and Katrina and I as Short People.

Words Daniel uses regularly (you will notice a food theme): Mommy, Daddy, water, banana ("manna"), apple, orange, grapes ("mape"), cheese, hot dog, peanut butter ("beebee butter"), doggy, ducky, turtle, blankie, clean up, hi, hello, bye bye, shoe, doctor, baby, happy, help me, more, hungry, hand, arm, Nana, Poppop, Nina, amen, thank you, me, work (all day he says to me, "Daddy!! work. work."), empty, all done, poop, pee, cracker, weee, yay. He is really good at mimicking. Today we got him to gibber fairly well "My name is Daniel. I like to dance!" and also "Happy Father's Day!" He likes to sing Ee-i-e-i-o and Twinkle Twinkle and is starting to use the actual vowel sounds. At this moment he is singing "Ee-i-e-i-o! Turtle. Turtle. Ee-i-e-i-o!"

He is doing much better in nursery and even hands back the props after we sing. He still cries a lot, is demanding, sits on my lap as much as possible, and is generally high-maintenance, but it's not bad when the other kids are in a good mood. If other kids are cranky, then it's pretty overwhelming dealing with him and them.

We're off on a family walk, but I wanted to share these pictures. I'm pretty lame about my blog lately. We keep the computer in our room so Adam can shut himself away writing each night, so I don't have it as accessible during the day and not at all at night. But I will try to do better!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Peg Dolls

Katrina got invited to her very first birthday party that was a non-family party this week. I had no idea what to get this little 3 year old, even though I have one of my own, so I decided to fall back on a classic, the wooden spool dolls. Unfortunately, when I went to get the wooden spools and balls at the store, they didn't have the same size of balls anymore, so the dolls would have looked funny with too-small of heads. Then I came across this post online, and decided to make little peg dolls. The fun thing about them is that Katrina could help, so she did all the first coats, and then I had fun painting over what she did. :]
Sorry for the lame pictures, I didn't get any daytime pics.
I think her friend liked them. There are lots of little pieces, which is kind of annoying, but both Daniel and Katrina were obsessed with them, so I think the birthday girls will probably enjoy them too.
I had no yellow, which made doing blond hair difficult, and I couldn't have a full rainbow, oh well.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Purse for my mom-in-law

I'm really happy with how this purse for my mom-in-law turned out.

I have some great pictures of the kids that I'll be posting later!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Bridal order

I just finished an order of 8 purses for a bride. She picked a few styles she liked, told me which ones to make for who, and basically let me do what I wanted with that. She wanted black, dark silver, and light silver. Sorry the pictures are so bad. Tomorrow when the lighting is better I'll be taking care of the kids and packaging these up to be sent off, so I wanted to get pictures in tonight.
First off, I made three woven purses, the two outside ones are for bridesmaids and the middle one is for one of the moms.
Then I made four flap purses. One is gathered black and silver and the other two are asymmetrical black and silver. I used a fun black brocade for these ones, and all the purses are lined in this brocade. One nice thing about these purses is that I didn't have to do pockets or credit card slots on the insides because the bride had a small budget and a time crunch, so I decided to do her a favor and made these for much cheaper than normal. They were a lot of work though still!
This one is for one of the moms, and it's my favorite. She wanted a black or white pintucked purse like the one in my shop, but I thought that was a little too plain, so I bought some metallic silver thread to make the pintucks. Too bad I was in a hurry and grabbed it without looking at the price, because the thread was $10 and I had to pay full-price! At least I have around 500 yards of silver thread, right?
And this one was fun. I have one like this in my shop. Actually it's my most expensive clutch, so my eyes raised a little when she wanted this one, but it all worked out. She loved the buckle on the original, but that one was one of a kind, so I looked all over to find another one that was unique. I found a great supplier though, so that's great for the future.
She wanted a pop of color. I hope this is bright enough for her.

Horse show

We have an easy way of keeping track of how long we have lived here. On our very first day in Pennsylvania, Adam's boss gave him tickets to the nearby Devon Horse Show, a world-renowned horse show that is walking distance from our apartment. With a six-week old and after five days of travel, we didn't go that first year, but have gone three times since then. Today was by far the best trip. For one thing, we went in the morning instead of the afternoon heat. Also, we went on a Friday instead of a weekend--huge difference!
Of course most of the fun is walking around and looking at all the shops and booths, eating the food, and playing the games. Most years we've skipped all of that stuff, but this year Katrina wanted to go on the Ferris wheel, so Adam went up with her. She was absolutely thrilled. We also had enough money for her to play one game, so she got to play a game with a guaranteed prize, and she won a little stuffed animal duck. The man in charge was very nice and let her pick more than one duck (higher chances of winning) and then he gave Daniel his own too. As we walked over to our box (his boss owns a skybox, which as you can see from the picture is excellent seating), Daniel sat in Adam's arms saying over and over, "ducky! Ducky!" The kids loved the box and we really enjoyed the breezy, sunny day.
Tomorrow, Adam will be taking the CFA exam. This is a very tough licensing exam that he has been studying for since August or so. It is part 1 of 3, and there is about a 40% pass rate for level 1. This past week he has been taking tons of practice exams and his scores have been consistently good, so I have lots of confidence in him (and he has more confidence than he did a week ago). Unfortunately we won't find out if he passed or failed for about two months, and these next two months will be equally or more busy for him as he writes his exam prep book for the Series 79 Investment Banking exam.
I had some exciting stuff happen this week. I had an independent stylist in Florida contact me about consignment in their boutique, and also about the possibility of using some of my purses in their photoshoot next week for a fashion magazine. So I sent off five items today, and I'm crossing my fingers that something of mine will get used in the photoshoot and that my purses will sell well at their boutique. I've never done consignment before, so this should be interesting. I also have a bridal order of 8 purses that I've been working on, so I will be sending those off tomorrow.