Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sunday pictures

We had a nice Sunday today. Sacrament meeting went well, nursery was pretty good (Adam stayed with me and Daniel most of the time too which was nice), both kids napped, I got to read a book that I ended up really enjoying. We also had some family time on the patio because it was so beautiful outside, and both kids ran around a bit.
I caught Katrina with a funny expression there, but she was trying to smile or say cheese I think. These two plants we bought from the Boy Scouts. One is a strawberry plant, and I think the other one is flowers. Katrina loves to stare and them and "watch them grow," and so I had to snap some pictures.
Daniel was darling in his little seersucker outfit and loved doing laps around the big bush.

Caught the kids in a scuffle over the dog stuffed animal.
So neither kid really has much in the way of summer pajamas. Daniel just wears normal clothes, and Katrina usually wears a tank top with shorts. I have a stack of old clothes I keep in order to repurpose them, and so I decided to make them some dedicated jammies from some of my old shirts. This blue one was a polo but I cut off the collar to line the sleeve holes.
The only problem is that they are sewn closed at the bottom because I've run out of snaps, and so this is definitely a nighttime-only outfit because you can't access his diaper. Also, it's pretty funky looking, but works just fine for pajamas, so I don't care.
For Katrina I made a nightgown. Now hers has a really deep V-neck, so I am planning on sewing in a triangle of fabric to make it a bit more modest and to keep it from falling off of her, but I didn't want to try to take it off of her after putting it on, so I'll sew that on later.
She really liked the sides of the shirt that I cut off, which included the sleeves, so she stuck her head in the armhole and made herself a chic scarf.

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