Sunday, May 1, 2011

Phew, Sunday

Since the camera was still sitting on the washing machine, I snapped some pictures while getting ready this morning. First, my hair immediately after being dried. This is what I not-so-affectionately call my mushroom hair.
Then after I straightened it. I really like this look. I just don't like having to style my hair everyday. At least I know I can like it if I just am willing to put some effort in.

Church today was pretty good. The kids are much easier to deal with these days, which makes it actually possible to make it through church without Adam. Daniel actually sat on the bench from the beginning until Sacrament without getting wiggly! I brought his pillow pet turtle, which is probably why. After that things got trickier, but stickers entertained them pretty well. Daniel has become less shy, and he thinks one of the most fun games ever is running away from Mommy. I had to balance keeping an eye on him with ignoring him whenever he started to wander, because if I wasn't watching, he would only go a short distance away and then come back. But if he saw me looking at him or coming to get him, he's giggle, run, and then cry when I took him back. We had to spend the last ten minutes in the foyer because he was pawing at my diaper bag for snacks and crying. I purposely didn't bring snacks because he's a messy eater and the snacks inevitably get ground into the carpet.

Nursery was all right as well. The kids were in a happy mood, but they also had really short attention spans, so we went through all our scheduled activities quicker than normal and had an extra long playtime at the end. It would have been an awesome day but for Daniel, who was tired, possessive of the balls, and just cranky.

Then the five minutes of torture occurred, where I had to take a screaming Daniel from one end of the church to the exact opposite end (he was mad because I took the balls away). Then to make matters worse, Katrina decided that she had to have a particular foam flower in nursery and wouldn't let it go. I put her in my other arm and walked to the other end of the church with two wailing children. I'm amazed my back didn't give out, but I just locked my fingers together and that stabilized things enough. Katrina started screaming in my ear and repeatedly hitting me (normally swiftly punished offenses) but I just ignored it and made my way to the car. I did have to put her down when she started thrashing, but I got them buckled in finally. Sigh. Everything was fine after that, they calmed down and Daniel fell asleep. A few minutes later Katrina told me, "Nina peed yellow panties," and I groaned as the obvious hit me. She had to pee! It's been a year since we first started pottytraining her, and she's always had an issue that she'll have a total meltdown and then pee her pants. So we eventually figured out that if she started screaming and tantruming, just take her to the bathroom. Well, she's been fully pottytrained for long enough that I forgot to take that into account, and with Adam gone, I didn't even think to take her to the bathroom because I was intent on getting to Junior Nursery. Oh well.

Anyway, we're picking up Adam as soon as the kids wake up, and I'm hoping he had a nice weekend. He talked to me yesterday and apparently he had already finished his major assignment, so I think the rest of the time was probably pretty relaxing. This campground is in a different spot and I won't have to drive through the city to get to it, so I'm happy about that.

Oh, and we heard about our temple today, finally! The Philadelphia temple was announced years ago and it's taken forever to get the land, get plans, and all that. They told us today that groundbreaking is in September! We're happy to hear progress about that.

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