Monday, May 16, 2011

New dresses for me!

I made myself two dresses this weekend from stretchy knits. I will start with the second dress, because it ended up pretty cute. Yes, the fabric is bright pink!
I pretty much hate how my body looks, but I like the dress.

And here is the second dress, which I only show because what's the use of a good craft fail if nobody gets to appreciate it? The problem with this one was that I followed the instructions for making the pattern fit and added several inches to all the seams, and then tried it on and realized how huge it was, so I had to take in all the seams. The bodice ended up crooked and too low, and so I added some eyelet fabric to try to have a higher neckline. The eyelet keeps flopping open, and I don't plan on fixing it, since frankly, this dress looks horrible on me! I have a hard time knowing which styles will look good on me, but this one is definitely not one.

Anyway, bedtime, tomorrow is going to be a long day, so I need to get sleep.


Jolena said...

Despite you saying the second one is horrendous, I kind of like it. :) The first one is adorable too!

shelly said...

Yeah, I don't think the second one looks horrendous on you. They both look very professional and I'm totally impressed. Yet again.

Elise said...

I've been wondering what you've been working on lately! I looooove the first dress. The second dress is not as bad as you made it out to be. You are so talented, and your figure looks fantastic. I'm serious. That was my first thought before I even noticed the dress. You are very well balanced everywhere, which is more than I can say for myself!