Thursday, April 28, 2011

New craft area

I'm a tad impulsive when it comes to rearranging furniture. Yesterday I decided that my crowded craft space behind the couch was just not giving me the space I needed. We currently don't have a working desktop and Adam has moved his workspace to the bedroom, so we had a free table on the other side of the room. So, with Adam's halfhearted assistance (he's not thrilled about my sewing space taking over one whole side of the living room), I moved everything around last night and today.
Unfortunately all my fabric is on display now, but maybe that will help me keep it more orgnaized.

I've turned the desk into my new cutting area, since before I was mostly balancing my cutting mat on the top of the fabric shelves and that was tricky. However, the shelves were higher and that made for easier cutting, so we'll see how the cutting table is on my back. Oh, and it's covered with games, but I'll be putting those back in the closet so that it's free to use.

Here's the whole view. I haven't cleaned yet since we put the kids to bed, so that's why it's all messy on the floor. We stuck them to bed at 7 tonight and they fell asleep by 7:30! But oh, the weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth!

I've got a custom order to finish and cleaning to do, but I wanted to share. Now the back of the couch is a big wide expanse of nothing, but we'll be putting Adam's bike there. It gives us more room for walking and so that is nice.

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Elise said...

We always try to do 7:30 but we don't always make it. If Ashley is awake, at least she is in there and quiet. But if Everett doesn't want to go to sleep, boy do we have TROUBLE. And by that I mean I get to my yelling point pretty quickly.

But I digress. I love the sewing area! Hey, this is your business now. You totally have license to take up as much room as you want. I really like your fabric organizer. I just bought a hanging sweater organizer and that works ok, but yours is prettier :).