Monday, April 4, 2011

Home at last

Well, I'm home a from a vacation that was both too short and too long. I had an utterly fantastic time visiting with my family, from Spencer: to all my siblings but one and also my grandparents and several aunts and uncles.
Now here is the biggest reason why the trip wasn't quite as much fun as I would have hoped:

Daniel was a punk.
A cute punk, at least, but definitely a pain and a half. The airplane trip over was awesome, he didn't let out a single cry. Then we got to Utah and there were so many new people and new places and he spent the next three days with his head buried in my shoulder. I carried him in my baby carrier a lot, and the rest of the time I was holding him.
My brother's party was a huge success and we all really enjoyed it. On Saturday I snuck up to Provo between Conference sessions and saw my good friend Emily! She and I were roommates freshman and sophomore years. So fun!! (Also, I forgot to put makeup on before I left, oops).
Saturday night we hung out with my sister's friends and kids and Daniel loosened up and enjoyed himself until he just got too tired and we went home. He got his sippy stuck in his shirt and I had to take some pictures.

Sunday morning we woke up to six inches of snow!
Luckily there wasn't that much snow in Salt Lake and even though my flight was delayed, I was still barely able to make my connecting flight in Cincinnati.

My two flights on Sunday were trips from the depths of Hades and I shall do my best to never think of them again!

Adam and Katrina picked us up late last night and both Daniel and I were so happy to be home. Then Katrina puked all over herself in the backseat. Thankfully Adam cleaned it up when we got home and she hasn't showed any signs of sickness since then. Adam's whole family was sick and since Katrina stayed there for a few days I'm sure she got it from them. I keep putting on hand sanitizer and won't let the kids share sippy cups like they normally do, so hopefully Daniel won't get it.

Well, that was my vacation! I hope to go to our family reunion this summer, but I'll probably go by myself. I'm really grateful my family was all able to meet Daniel, but it made it hard to really enjoy the trip. But mostly I'm just so happy I was able to see my family, most of them for the first time in two years!

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Tasha's Life said...


We loved, loved, loved seeing you and Daniel!!! I'm so glad you brought him, even thought he was attached to you. I'm sorry to hear Sunday traveling was so awful! Yuck! We love you!!! I so enjoyed my time with you and miss you already!