Monday, April 11, 2011

Happy Monday!

We certainly have had a rough week with sickness. Adam and I got sick on Friday and were sick all day Saturday with nausea and stomach pain. Then it turned into a full on cold today. The kids have had colds too. I think we're on the mend now though. The kids are extra cranky but it's all right. I keep getting custom orders on my Etsy shop so I am plenty busy this month sewing. I wanted to mention some of the activities Katrina and I have been doing. Sickness, traveling, and my craft show last week have made it hard to concentrate on stuff. Mostly Katrina has just been doing extra crafts because I bought a lot of new craft supplies. A few fun things: -- I gave her a banana and cinnamon sugar and a plastic knife and she went to town and asked for another banana. --Easter gel clings on windows --I bought some pretty buttons on Etsy for my shop, but they ended up being plastic. I gave them to Katrina and let her play with them and match them. She's been carrying them around in her purse all day. So yeah, we could and should be doing more, but I'm happy that at least we're trying to do more things. Now that it's getting warmer we'll try to go outside more. She really likes playing with sidewalk chalk out on our small patio.

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Cindy said...

I want to see the completed products you create for your shop.