Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter

Happy Easter everyone! We've had a really enjoyable weekend. Adam has Friday off and then yesterday we celebrated Katrina's birthday, my birthday, and Easter with Adam's family in New Jersey. I don't have pictures for Katrina's birthday yet but I do have pictures of the kids in their Easter outfits.

But first...Daniel's outfit. Daniel had no Easter outfit, and I realized this on Thursday, I think it was. I didn't want to buy him something, and his other church clothes are stained. I remembered that Adam gave me a sweater he was done with, and my idea for a sweater vest was born.

This is Daniel's way cute church outfit that is pretty stained now. The cute and convenient thing about it is that it has a collar and arms attached, and they are a soft and slightly stretchy fabric instead of a normal shirt.
So using that as a template, I created a pattern, and started cutting into Adam's sweater.

I took pictures all along the way of my process. I'm thinking of creating a tutorial. Is anyone interested? I used Daniel's existing sweater vest to make a pattern, but I think I could explain how to make one using just a t-shirt as a guide.

And this was the final result!

And here it is on Daniel:

He looked adorable.

I really like having a church outfit for him instead of the normal clothes we usually have him wear.

And here is Katrina in her outfit.

Ah, and one more thing. I had a request to show off the custom orders I've been making. I keep having brides order bridesmaid bags, which is awesome. First, I had this six-bag order. The bride bought her own fabric and sent it to me.

Then, yesterday I finished these four bags for another bride:

I still have to do some finishing touches and send them in the mail. This week I have three woven bags to make for two other brides, but they are all in frames.

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Shayla Taylor said...

I would love a tutorial! :)