Friday, April 15, 2011

Happy Birthday Katrina

Yesterday we had a small celebration of Katrina's birthday. Our big party is next week. This is such a busy month for both ours and Adam's family, so we will be celebrating Katrina's birthday, mine, and Easter all the same day. Katrina loves to play "surprise party," so we're going to tell her that we're celebrating Easter and then show up at Nana and Poppop's and say "Surprise!" I think she'll love it. I had her open two presents from her grandparents. She got a purse and an album of all of her family. She loves flipping through and pointing at everyone.

Then she went and filed it away on the bookshelf, before changing her mind and carrying it around in the purse all evening.

We also took her to a cute little ice cream shop in town and also to the park. She kept telling people that it was her birthday, and when they asked how old she was, she alternated between telling them, "Nina Free!" and "Nina big!"

I took her to the fabric store a couple days ago and we chose fabric for a dress I'll be making her. It's purple and sparkly and she's very excited about it.

I'm so grateful for Katrina and it's so much fun to watch her grow up! Even though she's decided that being 3 means she's Big now, she's still my little girl and I love her very much.

We had to take Adam to a training thing this morning and we woke the kids up at 6:30. I definitely did not enjoy driving back alone through Philadelphia during rush hour. But it went well and we're back home now. Daniel slept pretty horribly last night, so I'm suriving on about four hours of sleep. I'm debating whether to take him to the doctor again today or to wait and see if he has an awful night tonight too. Usually when he sleeps horribly like that, it means ear infection. I just really want him to be healthy! He needs to get over his ear infections long enough to get tubes placed.

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Jolena said...

Happy Birthday, Katrina! Sounds like she had a fantastic day and will have another one soon. And hope Daniel gets better soon. Poor sick baby. So sad.