Wednesday, April 13, 2011


If I ever doubted once that Daniel loved me, I would be crazy. This child is absolutely attached to me. Sometimes I wonder if they forgot to cut the umbelical cord! We all have colds and coughs and are taking things easy during the days. Daniel's absolute favorite place to be (and where he is currently) is sitting on my lap, sucking his thumb while he lays on my chest and watches tv. If he's not sleeping or eating, he's usually on my lap in that position. Forgive the copious snot in this next photo, but I wanted to include it because Daniel took it of himself.
He likes to explore things and push buttons, play with new objects in his hands.
He seriously eats all day, practically without break. And he's in like the 11th percentile for weight!
He likes to mimic a lot. He especially mimics Katrina. Some regular words are: apple, banana, water, cheese (both the food and for pictures), Mommy, Daddy, turtle, all done, beep (while pushing around trains or cars). He loves singing still. Adam will sing Twinkle Twinkle with him and if he stops at the last word, Daniel will finish the line.
Our childproofing stuff has broken on our food cabinets and we haven't replaced them yet. That means several times a day Daniel starts crying loudly, waddles over to the cabinets, finds the nearest interesting box or can and comes and throws it at me. I called Adam the other day and he was quite cranky because Daniel had woken him up by throwing a bottle of vegetable oil at his head.
In fact, he just threw a box of rice at me. Okay, I just got him lunch so I can finish. Daniel loves to eat but is also picky. I have a hard time getting him to eat. He loves clementines, grapes, Nutrigrain bars, pretzels, yogurt, oatmeal, and everything else is hit or miss.
I have been cutting his hair with fairly good results. I always end up with long spots, but he turns his head constantly while cutting. Last night I had good results with cutting his hair while he sat in my lap on the floor of the bathroom after his bath. Oh, and Daniel hates baths. He used to love them but then decided a month or so ago that he hates them and screams until we take him out. He also hates the vacuum. Today I shut the kids in my room and vacuumed the living and dining room. When Katrina opened the door when I was done, he ran out and straight into my arms sobbing, even though I was right next to the dreaded vacuum. Both kids hate the vacuum, and whereas Katrina will stand there and cry if you vacuum in the same room as her, Daniel is brave and watches for his chance to make a break for it past the vacuum.

He is very attached to his knit orange blanket that Adam's aunt made for him, and also to his green turtle pillow pet. We took both the Utah and he clutched them constantly. Turns out part of the reason our trip home was so awful was that he had a double ear infection starting. That reminds me, I need to call and make an appointment to get him tubes. Five ear infections in six months is plenty for me.

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