Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Bleary-eyed post

Confession time: Adam and I really like watching Doctor Who. We like to reward our hard work at night with an episode or two. But last night we got sucked in and went to bed waaaaay late. Much later than we usually do, even on our late nights. About 20 minutes after that, as I way trying to quiet my mind and go to sleep, I hear a pathetic cry from the kids room, and went in to find Katrina crying with vomit all over her. She hasn't shown any signs of sickness since she threw up the other night, so we're not sure what happened. She's fine today. I think she might have just eaten too much chocolate custard right before bedtime. It was pretty disgusting, but luckily everything washed out just fine and since she was sleeping on the floor (her choice) there was no bedding to wash, just some blankets and jammies. Daniel decided he didn't want to go back to sleep, and it was a struggle to get him to sleep. I think I finally fell asleep around 3:30. Then Daniel woke up again at 6:30, screaming, of course. Adam took him out but I didn't sleep any more. Daniel calmed some after he got some baby Motrin. We've scheduled another doctor's appointment today. I have my craft show tomorrow night, so I've been labeling merchandise and preparing my display. Also, I don't know if I mentioned that last week while I was in Utah, I got two large orders for purses! One I sent out already but she is interested in another bag, and the other one is six purses I'm working on now. Plus I had an inquiry into a custom color book and my April is turning out to be very busy! Good news for Adam: yesterday he took the investment banking licensing exam and passed! He is now qualified to be an investment banker. Funny story--that is the exam prep manual that he is currently writing! He's very happy to have passed the exam!

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Jolena said...

You win on the late bedtime. I went to bed at 1AM because I needed to finish transcribing a couple files and Spencer decided to scream for a couple hours earlier in the evening. I hope you can function today. Not fun to go without sleep.

Congrats to Adam! That is so fantastic. Hopefully that will open new doors for good employment in the future.

Good luck at your craft show! I hope you sell lots of purses and have a great time.

And I hope Daniel gets back to normal soon. Poor kid, he has had a rough few weeks.