Friday, March 18, 2011

Visiting with family

My brand-new sister-in-law was in town and visited last night! We had a delicious dinner and our entertainment was the children.
Jessica brought with her a bag of things that were my Grandma Kitty's. My grandma passed away a year ago. Since Katrina shares an initial with her, my mom set aside some fun things, like a purse with "K" all over it, and some K necklaces. Katrina wanted to wear all of the necklaces, so at first I put just a few on.

Then she wanted all the rest, and I decided to allow it. She went around the rest of the night (including dinner) with all these necklaces, bracelets, and the purse on her arm. And yes, she slept in it all too. In fact, today is her fourth day in a row wearing her bathing suit and she still has all the jewelry and purse and has added a ring on her index finger.

I snapped a picture of Jessica!

And I tried to take pictures of Daniel but he wouldn't stand still.
Adam is engrossed in his new phone. I'm excited because I'll be able to use it to accept credit cards at my craft show next month.
We really enjoyed spending time with Jessica!

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White House happenings..... said...

I bought that purse for Grandma one summer she stayed with me. Brings back memories. I am so glad that Katrina is able to enjoy it and carry on the girliness that it was meant for. :)♥