Tuesday, March 22, 2011

"School" and learning about mail

I have become tired of how much we watch television and how hard it is for me to do anything productive before noon each day. So I decided that it was time to start "school" with Katrina. I read some toddler activity books, got ideas from a couple of blogs, and set up an excel spreadsheet with lots of ideas of things to do with Katrina each day. Basically I just want her to have experience with some more structured activities and also for her to have the opportunity to explore and learn.

I would like to have three activities each day, two in the morning and one in the afternoon. I divided my spreadsheet into four groups: Crafts, Roleplay, Exploring, and Games. Each day we'll do a craft and something from two of the other groups. This week I had to pick activities that I already had supplies for, but in the future I'll need to buy supplies each week.

Yesterday we tried to have Library book time (failure), outside chalk time (success), and cooking time (failure because we never got around to it). One thing that frustrated both of us was that when I told her we were going to have school, she really wanted to actually leave the house and go on a schoolbus to school. I had to break it to her that it's school at home.

Today I planned that we would learn about the mail and then write some actual letters. First, I showed her a schoolbus I drew and told her that we were going to go on the bus to school. We "drove" on the bus around the apartment. (It wasn't quite as exciting as a real bus, but oh well). Then we went on a field trip to see our mail box. After that we played with a mailbox that I made for Katrina and some letters too. Then we wrote some actual letters to people. Daniel had woken up then, so we all went on a trip to the mailbox to send the letters (which meant getting out the stroller because it's kind of a hike). The kids really enjoyed that. Katrina wanted to go in the stroller too, so we brought the double, or as she called it, the W stroller. :]
This afternoon we will try to make dough together for calzones. I hope it works out with Daniel; I'll probably put him in his highchair and load him up with food.

I hope you don't mind if I share the things I do with Katrina fairly often. It will help give me some motivation to keep it up.


Em said...

Tori...you are SUCH a great Mom!! I love hearing about what you do all the time!! I miss you a lot! I'd love to see you when you come out to visit your family in Utah! LOVE ya!

Amber said...

You may have seen this site before, but if not, it's got loads of great ideas. chasingcheerios.blogspot.com
I love the mailbox idea, I'll have to do that w/Megan one of these days.
Another site I like is "letter of the week", it's a free home preschool curriculum for ages 2 and up. It's great.

Jolena said...

I love this idea! I'm so excited to see what you post. I'll be filing it away for a few years down the road... :)

Heidi said...

The mail box idea is way cute! I'm planning on doing the whole school at home thing too. Its hard doing it right now since she not even 2 yet. But the food finger painting and coloring pictures and sticker pictures for the grandmas is always fun and learning for her. I'm plaining on making the food playdoe this week. So keep giving me ideas! haha