Monday, March 21, 2011

My little prodigy

Here is some video proof of Daniel's ability to "sing." This is the way he most often sings, but he's starting to jabber sometimes so that it sounds like actually words.

Today was the absolute worst day it could have been. Kids not napping, then waking each other up from naps, timeouts, screaming kids, me locking myself in my room for a few minutes to regroup, then putting both kids in separate rooms to calm down. They finally calmed down while eating sandwiched in front of the tv. Sigh. So glad everyone is happier now. The past few days have been hard sleep-wise and the kids are showing it. Daniel no longer wants to take an afternoon nap, but he's having some problems from lack of sleep, and oh yeah, the six or more teeth trying to sprout through his gums. I keep reminding myself that it's better that they come in now than in two weeks when he and I fly on an airplane together to visit my family. But it's so tiresome.

We're hoping Adam gets home soon. He hurried home, swept the kids away from me into the room, then had to come out minutes later to fix something on the computer for his boss, and then ended up having to go back to work while we dined on Jiffy muffins, Stovetop stuffing, and fruit cocktail. Ugh. It was kind of a stomach-turning combination.


Jolena said...

That's a really cute video. He's got great timing and pretty good intonation for a one year old! I really hope his teething ends soon. That sounds like no fun.

Heidi said...

He is so cute. Isabel sure can't do that. She is more of a dancer to music. Good luck on the teeth. I'm so glad most of Isabels are in but one back one is starting to come in so she isn't the happiest one. Just Smile!