Wednesday, March 9, 2011

More about the kids!

This blog is in danger of becoming too much about purses and not enough about the kids! So here are a few pictures and notes about them.
Everyday Katrina pulls the pillows off of both couches, piles them on this couch, and this is how she chooses to watch tv. Or she piles them on the floor to make a mountain/nest/castle/whatever her little mind can come up with.
Daniel often looks like this:

And because this is how he looks after eating yogurt, I absolutely hate giving it to him, but he does love it so much, so I just suck it up and let him eat it:

Our childlocks on all of our cabinets have failed and so Daniel likes to rummage through the cupboards. This is one of his favorite things to play with.
The shortening makes an excellent drum.
Yes, he's covered in snot, but doesn't like me to wipe his nose (REALLY doesn't like it) so I let him drip until I can't handle it and hold him down screaming to wipe it off.
Daniel is skilled with music. I know that sounds premature to decide, but he has rhythm and a definite interest in all things music. He loves playing on the keyboard, can shake a little egg shaker thing to a regular rhythm, and likes to sing a monotone "da da da" to the rhythm of "Twinkle Twinkle." He also likes to sing "Uh-oh on no (what ya say)" from a tv show Fresh Beat Band. It comes out a monotone "uh oh uh uh uhhhhh," but I know what he's singing and when I sing it along or when he hears it on tv he gets huge smiles. He also likes to say "Ni-hao," which is funny, but he also likes to say "empty" and "happy," so I think he just likes the sound of those particular words. My attempts to teach him sign language have completely failed except for "all done," but he's starting to say "ahdun" as well as doing the sing, and today I got him to repeat over and over something that sounded vaguely like "hungry" when I was giving him a snack. His language skills are probably going to be better than Katrina's were.
I accidentally posted this post early, so I'm trying to type really fast but not miss anything. Oh, today we made some monster puppets that my sister-in-law gave us for Christmas but I keep putting off because our apartment is a mess and I know how hard it is to do fun things with Katrina. Well, today our apartment is nice and clean, and I decided to try it. We had lots of fun making monsters out of fuzzy socks and a bunch of fun things that were included. Daniel was in heaven while playing with the googley eyes. He also liked to pretend he was gluing things, and Katrina liked to actually glue things with Elmer's glue. But then, it had to be over because it was lunchtime, and Katrina had a knockdown dragout tantrum that ended with her first spanking in a really long time after she swiped at my face, causing me to snap my head back into the tv. Then during her nap she wouldn't stay in her room (and every time she comes out Daniel bolts out too) so I finally stuck her in the baby's crib and put him in the pack n play. After two hours in the crib (she normally would be playing for all this time, she rarely naps during "naptime"), when I was about to let her out, she fell asleep. Oh, and she had to pee literally four times while she was in the crib, so I had to let her out each time. Ugh.
Anyway, I need to start dinner and hopefully Daniel's angelic mood will persist so I can make it in peace!

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