Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I need a vacation!

(*Blogger keeps eating my spaces so I'm writing them out)I am so completely burned out these days. I'm tired all the time, have no patience, have no motivation, and just feel mentally exhausted. I definitely need a break. Luckily, I'm getting one! I'm going to Utah this weekend to visit my family and celebrate my oldest brother's recent wedding. I hope that this weekend helps me unwind and return home renewed and remotivated to keep a cleaner house and cook dinner. (space) I also am getting ready for my first craft show, just a small evening affair at a preschool in Philly. It's a few days after I get home and so I'm trying to get all the preparations done now. I just got done making a ton of new clutches and business card holders and I feel much more ready now. Pretty much any sewing I get done between now and then is just a bonus. I also have all the packaging I'll need. Basically I just need to design my table! Many of my clutches can't stand up by themselves, so that limits my creativity. I have an 8-ft long rectangular table to work with. I want to have some different levels and not just spread out my bags on the table. We went to IKEA to get some inspiration and there really was nothing helpful. So I need to finalize that and buy anything I need before then. The best idea I have is cardboard boxes covered with fabric to create levels, but that won't help with my clutches that fall over. (space) Katrina's "school" is going about as well as I could expect with Daniel teething and getting an ear infection which means he screams a lot and contributes to that whole sense of mental exhaustion I mentioned already. I bought her a bunch of new craft supplies and a little end table at Walmart for her to use as her own little table to do crafts at. Then I realized that if she does crafts there then Daniel can get his hands on them too easily. Good thing it was only $12! She's been having fun with the playdough and tempera paints and other craft implements. (space) Tonight I was about to just cry and lock myself in my room, but then I got all of the toy food out of the closet and now the kids are playing happily with it on the couch. So I get a little respite. (space) When I get back from Utah I'll tell you how it all went. I'm taking Daniel on my lap, so it may not be much of a vacation. We'll see!

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Jolena said...

Can't wait to see you. I hope Daniel gets better by when your flight is. We'll come up with something for your table while you're here so you'll be ready. When does your flight arrive?