Tuesday, March 8, 2011

15 month stats

I took Daniel to the doctor today for his 15-month visit. He is perfectly healthy (except for his current cold) and extremely wiggly. Unlike Katrina, who insisted that her finger was hurting and so that meant she needed a shot (and the nurse was nice enough to give her a "shot" on the tip of that finger), Daniel does not like shots or the doctor and nurse touching him. Katrina loves to pretend to be "Doctor Nina" already, so she was in her element with the measuring tape, pretending to check me and Daniel. Daniel almost successfully dove off the scale and turned into a rototiller during his checkup. To get the shots into his thighs I had to hold both his hands, trap one leg in between my legs, and then the nurse trapped my knees with her knees because he was still wiggling so much.

Daniel's stats are interesting:

Weight: 21.5 lbs (11th percentile)
Height: almost 30" (11th percentile)
Head: 18.35" (32nd percentile)

When I saw those first two numbers I was a bit taken aback. He's gained less than a pound since his last visit. That makes sense; he's started walking since then. But apparently he has shrunk almost an inch! Both the doctor and I agreed that one of the measurements has to be wrong, and it's most likely the 12-month measurement. It's funny: I've had several people comment to me on how Daniel is big/small for his age (everyone has different perceptions) and I commented with variations of, "Well, the doctor says he's skinny and tall, but he looks pretty tubby and normal to me." So now I know my observations were true. He's completely normal weight for his height after all. It was thrilling to have a tall child for a few months though!

The only concern I have about Daniel is that he doesn't sleep through the night. The doctor said (and I agree) that once he's fully weaned, he'll probably stop waking up. I had planned on letting him wean himself, but I'm pretty determined now that I'm going to have to be forceful. Right now Daniel doesn't nurse during the day very often. Mostly it's just at nights and when he first wakes up. I decided that for this next week I won't nurse Daniel during the day at all and I will also stop nursing him in the mornings. I'll be honest; I mostly just nurse him then because it means I can lay in bed a few more minutes. I think he'll be happy enough if I just give him breakfast right away. Then in a week I will start really trying to cut off the night feedings. We usually let Daniel scream for five minutes when he wakes up and sometimes he'll stop after that and go back to sleep and if he doesn't I feed him. We'll have to work on other solutions. Methods that worked on a younger baby don't work the same on a toddler; they have learned persistence at this point. Letting him simply cry isn't an option for various reasons. Daniel has slept through the night in the past; I have full faith that he will do so again.

Adam is quite busy these days with his work, studying, and a part-time gig he has taken on writing a test prep manual. We are taking the piano keyboard in our room down for the meantime and setting up a little office for him there. Only having one computer has limited him in that he really needs to be at home to study or work. One exciting thing is that it's getting warmer so he can start cycling again soon. He cycled today even though it was still pretty cold so I could have the car. I'm hoping that I can take the kids to the playground again soon; right now it's still too muddy.

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Elise said...

This summer the doctor's office measured Everett at 41 inches. I came home and measured him at 38 (what he still is). Won't they be surprised the next time he comes in!

Good luck with the weaning. It sounds like you have a good system down! Everett was a yeller/crier too.