Sunday, February 20, 2011

Weekend roundup

So here is how our closet finally ended up. Adam and I decided to move the stairstep cubbies into the closet and use them as toy storage. This means that we are out of a dresser in our room, so that will need to be rectified. But for now, Katrina has more organization.
However, her room still ended up looking like this on Friday during nap:
Adam roped her closet shut and we created a rule that she can only play with one tub of toys at once. We gave her a serious talk about not taking clothes out of her dresser. Who knows how well it will stick, but yesterday's nap and today's nap went very well and she happily has been playing with one tub at a time and leaving the clothes put. I can definitely tell that she is almost 3 years old because she is much easier to reason with.
On Friday Adam cycled to work for the first time in several months. However, the trail wasn't completely clear of snow and ice. He was getting off his bike to clear the patch but it started quicker than he expected and Adam bit the dust. He was pretty shaken up and skinned up.

However, the worst part is that he messed up his tailbone. Whenever he sits down he gasps in agony. We both hope he gets better quickly because he's so excited to start the cycling season.

So tonight I decided to do a short and easy project that I had been planning for awhile. I used this tutorial to make the dress and used some fabric I bought awhile back on clearance. The dress turned out pretty well. The pattern doesn't specify a few things that could have been helpful, and the neckline ended up really tight. Katrina has always had a big head, and I could barely squeeze it over her head. I'm not sure if that was why, but she asked me to take it off pretty quickly. :[ Oh well, it took me less than an hour total to make, while taking care of the kids, and I used clearance fabric.
The only change I made was to use elastic thread and sewed around the waist twice with that instead of using a casing and elastic. It worked out just fine.
Hope everyone has a great President's Day tomorrow! We spent our Saturday cleaning and so tomorrow Adam will be studying pretty much all day. But we also got to go on a date on Saturday night, so that was great. Oh, and I got a new calling in addition to my calling as Relief Society activities board member: Nursery Worker! We have three leaders and 14 kids. They haven't decided yet if they want to split the kids up or not. Today was my first day, and thankfully Katrina was much better behaved than last time I was in there. Last time she wanted me to play with only her, this time she just did her own thing. Adam had to drop Daniel off so that he could teach his lesson, so Daniel got his first taste of nursery. He was fine as long as I never moved more than half a step away from him! I sure hope that that doesn't last long, because it's hard to take care of other kids when your own is screaming. He has four molars starting to poke through and is doing remarkably well (he's wearing his amber necklace constantly), but he always is super tired during the third hour of church and cranky too.

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