Monday, February 28, 2011

New purse for me

I mentioned it before, but the awesome leather bag I made in August broke past repair. The weight of the leather was just too much for the straps, and one snapped in the worst spot possible. I tried using one of my previous bags, this one, but it has several popped seams I don't feel like fixing and the same problem that I disliked before, which was the inability to expand it.

I've been planning this particular bag in my head for awhile, and when I saw this beautiful blue tweed on clearance at Joanns, I had to get it. So this weekend I cut out the fabric and last night and today I sewed it. It was awesome to see everything come together. My patterns tend to turn out better now than they used to because I can foresee problems and plan for them better than I used to do.

It's a little hard to see but there is a large pocket on the back big enough to carry a normal sheet of paper. I have this extreme dislike of having to fold important pieces of paper, and yet it always seems like I don't have the room in my purse to put them without squishing them. This should solve that problem. I used a button to hold it in place so it wouldn't gape.

Two magnet closures. I like them, but I bought them to use with my small clutches, so I bought the 14 mm, weaker magnets. For this weight of bag, the 18 mm stronger ones would work a tad better. You can also see on the inside where I sewed the handles on the outside, which is a little unfortunate, but that's because I had a hard time decideding whether I would sew the handles to the body of the bag or to the white part at the top.

The inside has a few pockets for holding small toys, underwear, wipes, food, etc.
And of course, the requisite modeling pic. Daniel was taking a nap in my room, so I'm in my pajamas trying to hide behind the purse and the camera.
Here it is with some stuff in it. I can fit plenty more. Yes, it's a large bag, and I hesitated to make one quite this big because I'm getting to the point where I don't always want a large bag. But every time I'm at church or go to New Jersey I have tons of stuff and need a bag this large, so I decided to go with it.
I don't know why, but this little touch with the vertical canvas strips is one of the things I like the most about it.
The sides have elastic on them, and then there are pockets with elastic. It's kind of a lot of elastic, but it works out and the bag can get larger if I need to carry a bunch.
So there you go! I am quite happy with the results. The handles are another thing I'm really proud of, because I've never done handles like this and really just conceived them out of my own head. I'm pretty sure if I looked up directions how to do these particular handles it would tell me to do it the same way, but I'm proud of myself for thinking it up on my own. I think I might make a couple for my Etsy shop. What do you think? I would make a couple of changes (zipper pocket on the inside, make the top part with the magnetic snaps not quite as tall), but it would mostly look the same.


Jolena said...

I love it! It has very similar pockets to my diaper bag, which I love. Good job! I love the size. It's also similar to the size of my diaper bag. I can carry my laptop in mine, since I have that bag more than any other. You might be able to do the same thing. That would be awesome and make it even more usable if you ever have to take that somewhere.

Jolena said...

I'm a big fan of the fabric too. I love the idea of making purses, but I don't care for the flowery fabrics that are so common. I just can't imagine walking into the Tanner Building with a bag with a huge flowery pattern on it. But this fabric would totally be okay and I think you made a great choice there!

Elise said...

Blue Tweed! Aaaah! It's beautiful! I love tweed. I just bought tweed couches (haha). Tori, I am always amazed by what you can do but this tops it all. That purse is gorgeous and perfect, and I love the canvas seaming too. Great job!