Thursday, February 17, 2011

Kids Closet Organization

Last night I needed to get out of the house so I went grocery shopping at Walmart and scouted out their storage bins. I almost bought five 34 qt storage bins for $8 each. But then I went to the other end of the aisle and found some 18 gal storage bins for $5. Easy decision! I went ahead and got five. Here is my initial setup this morning. I forgot to take before pictures, so at this point I had already removed Adam's tux and temple suit (inside treehouse), my formals (on top of changing pad), and started the Goodwill pile (on pink dresser that we moved out of our room last night).
This is the right side of the closet, after we had removed some adult clothes. You can't see the bottom of that pile of clothes, but trust me, it was taller than Katrina.
Here is the left side which is about twice as tall as Daniel with piles of clothes we were given that are too big for either kid.

And a brief glimpse at the top of the closet. That bathtub was on top of the stack of too-big clothes, but now it is perched extremely precariously up there. That was pretty much the best I could do for now because I am so short and somehow didn't think about getting the stool out.

K, then I went through the whole left side of the closet and split the clothes into two bins for each kids. There were just so many clothes for Daniel, so I decided to only keep the 2T clothes, and I got rid of anything scratchy, stiff, possibly uncomfortable, stained, or just not to my taste. With Katrina I only kept sizes 4T or below.

This is the Goodwill pile at this point. I also will likely have my sister-in-law look through them because there are a lot of cute clothes here, I just couldn't keep them all.
And here are the two tubs. I was able to squish Daniel's tub down so all the clothes can fit. I still need to go back and take out some of the clothes on the bottom that I kept before I decided to only keep 2T stuff. It's from Adam's co-worker and it's all size 5 or 6. I really don't want to haul it around for four more years.
Then I went through the right side of the closet. I split up the clothes into Katrina's clothes sizes Newborn-12 months, another bin for sizes 18 months-2T, and one bin for all of Daniel's clothes from his first year.
I found more clothes on the left side and so it looked even better at this point.
The Goodwill pile.
These three bins came from that side on the right. I got rid of any clothes that were ugly (we had a surprising amount of ugly clothes for Katrina that we had gotten used on Craigslist or Ebay), stained (anything white was horribly stained; they must have gotten a lot worse in storage because I wouldn't have kept them if they had been that stained originally), or that my kids just never wore. Katrina apparently had twice as many clothes as Daniel in her first year. Oh, and this picture doesn't include the size Newborn and 0-3 months and the bag of shoes and socks. Somehow I squished them all in.
So at this point, this is how the closet looks. I had hopes of organizing it so well that we could move the cubbies back inside here from our room and use them for toy storage (and then I guess get another dresser for our stuff), but there's definitely not enough room. I like how there is room still for more tubs or more likely, for some toy bins. I also have room in the hanging organizer for stuff.
I moved the organizer over and the extra paint, bouncer, and bassinet are squished nicely in the back.
And the top has a few more things thrown up there.
The kids were so excited about the bouncer, which plays music. Luckily that's pretty much the only interesting thing within their reach.
Annnd, here's the damage. I definitely need to clear this out of here before Katrina takes a nap, or else this will all be strewn all over the floor.
And this is a pile of bags and trash and other things that were also in the closet and now I will need to fit them in our closet in our room.
So there you go! One closet organized. I like how there is potential for putting some toys in here. Everything is already looking a bit better in my mind, except the cubbies in our room. I really hate using them for my clothes, and so does Adam. We are thinking of moving it into our closet, which will definitely make things squishy in there, but then they will be out of reach of Katrina completely. She already has been opening them and taking things out and dumped a drawer in Daniel's crib when he woke up. Oh, and now we can't tell her to go get a dress or other item of clothing from her room, because she can't get the drawers open in her dresser. But it's a small price to pay for fewer messes!


leannewitney said...

Isn't it amazing how much crap we hold onto, for no reason other than having STUFF?

Good job on clearing things out! Just keep up the motivation you have. I know I need to find some myself to clean my house!

Elise said...

You are so smart! I love all of your solutions! It looks like a lot of work but I bet you feel a lot better. That is an awesome goodwill pile. It makes me understand how that store is always filled with stuff. Good for you! You've inspired me to go through our last boxes :)

Jolena said...

I am completely amazed at the quantity of clothes you have accumulated with two kids. That is impressive! Great work on the closet! I can't wait to see what you do with other places in your house.

Seamingly Sarah said...

I hate to turn away free kids clothes too, but it really does help to only keep one size above their current size at a time. I think someone else commented on your blog that free clothes will always come along...and they do, it's true.

As far as kid/baby equipment, sometimes it can help to look at that too with a critical eye. Like can you bathe the next baby in the sink (or we just took ours in the shower with us) instead of hanging onto a baby bathtub?

Good luck!

Sam Smith said...

Great Closet Organization Systems!

kids closet organizer said...

Great idea... love em!