Thursday, February 10, 2011

Kid update

I tried to put up a blog post with video the other day but for some reason the video wouldn't upload. Maybe because it was a video from my camera instead of my video camera.

Anyway, I wanted to share a few of Katrina's drawings and talk a little about the kids.
These are two people, one of them is the baby. You can definitely make out mouths and eyes and noses.
She wrote on her fingers accidentally and then proceeded to mark them all pink. When I got her the markers I allowed her to have three at once. She requested pink, red, and more red (so I gave her maroon). Pink is definitely her favorite color and she always requests pink straws and often will only wear pink clothes. Or dresses. She spent half of today in a pink shirt and skirt, and then changed partway through to a dress. As I'm writing this she is requesting her dress off, which either means she needs to pee or wants to run around naked and we'll have to wrangle her into clothes at dinnertime.

Daniel is growing leaps and bounds. He is taking little steps everywhere and is just so proud of himself. Katrina was about this age when she started walking fluently, so he's not too much behind her. As for speech, he's doing great. His vocabulary includes "Hi!!!!", "hello" (sometimes), "uh-oh," "ee-ii-ee-ii-oo," "Dada," signing "all done," "happy," and maybe a couple other words. His favorite syllable is "yiyiyiyi!" He loves to imitate and sometimes I can get him to imitate new words. The other day I got him to say "Howdy."
Daniel is still a yeller, but seems to have calmed a bit this past week. I just strive to keep him full and not hungry, because that seems to be a huge catalyst. He nurses once or twice during the day and usually twice at night. Believe me, I'm not happy about the night nursings, but he screams like a banshee and the one time we left him there for more than a few minutes he literally yelled for an hour. My current strategy is to only nurse him for 2-3 minutes and then put him back. Unfortunately, I usually fall asleep!

You can see the bike in the background. That is where our tall bookshelf was, but it's now in our room, and I like how it opens up our cluttered living room a bit. Conversely, it makes our room look better to have a piece of taller furniture.

Oh, here's another picture. I was just struck with this one by her use of patterns. I think these are all people too, one in each color.
So that is the kids for now. We have lots of fun and watch too much tv and the days go by pretty quickly. Goals include watching less tv, getting outside more even though the snow is still a couple feet deep by our balcony, going to playgroup more often, and getting Daniel to sleep through the night again!

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