Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Just a couple of projects

Just sharing a bit of what I've been working on.
Baby shower gift.
Wet bag for the kitchen. It's for baby bibs, handtowels, and the "unpaper towels" I'm making from a bunch of old t-shirts. I have about 24 that are cut out, and they just take a while to sew because of the stitch I'm using around the edges to keep them from raveling. Though now that I think about it, they are made from t-shirts, so they won't unravel. Hm. Maybe I'll just use a straight stitch and save myself some time. I'm making them because Daniel is just so messy lately while eating and instead of using a half sheet each time to clean him, I have to use about ten! Cloth works better for getting messes off of him. So I'm making these unpaper towels which will be used for cleaning him and cleaning kitchen messes too.

And I whipped out a bunch of business card holders for my shop, because they are fun and pretty quick. I have fourteen purses cut out too and will start putting those together next.

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