Sunday, February 27, 2011

Computer troubles galore

Wow, a whole week has passed. Well, we've been pretty busy this week so I guess I just got caught up in things.

The biggest problem was that on Thursday the laptop got messed up. First I saw the blue screen of death, then it shut down, and then I couldn't get our profile to load back up, which meant that even though all our files were there, they were impossible to access. About a month ago Adam moved everything onto a shared network, so I knew it was all right because of that, but still a bummer to lose a month's worth of photos.

Then Friday the desktop completely died. That was a lot more worrisome because the desktop is the home to the network. We ended up taking the hard drives out of both machines and buying something to let us get the data off of them. However, the power supply on our external drive shorted out, and the local computer store didn't have any of those. So we need to fix that still. We researched our options and finally decided that Adam is going to buy a new motherboard, CPU, and hard drive (and a few more things beyond my computer lingo) to fix up the desktop, and he completely wiped the laptop and we begun from scratch. Yesterday was strange with no access to a computer (except Adam's work laptop that he was using to move all the data around, and that thing is slow as molasses), so I read two books. They were both kind of lame too. But today my laptop is back up and running, whoo-hoo!

I have a new calling as a nursery leader. We will have three of us in the junior nursery and there will be a fun couple with the senior nursery. Today was pretty good with the eleven kids, so I think only having six or seven junior nursery kids will be a piece of cake, especially when we get a more structured routine set in place.

Finally, I uploaded a bunch of videos onto our computer and picked one of Daniel to share. He's in a kind of funny mood here. I was cooking, which always makes him needy, and he was having fun yelling at me. If you want to see a video of him screaming at me like a Nazgul, and a corresponding video of a Nazgul (from Lord of the Rings), check out my facebook page.

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