Saturday, January 15, 2011

T-shirt quilt

Several months ago, my brother sent me a bunch of old clothes I can use for diapers, crafts, or whatever. He also sent me some pants to mend and t-shirts to make into a quilt. Our family has a Christmas gift exchange and I switched with someone so I could have this brother and make the quilt a Christmas present. It's a little late!

I looked at t-shirt quilts all over the internet to get ideas, and this is the design I went with.
It was kind of hard to find manly fabrics, but since he's a scientist, I thought leafy green fabrics weren't inappropriate. :]
I backed each shirt with fusible interfacing to stabilize it.
The borders, binding, and back are a blue sheet. In fact, since my sister's baby quilt was also in need on fabric for the borders, binding, and back, I purposely picked a color that would coordinate with both quilts. This one was tricky to quilt. I just stitched-in-the-ditch, but since it was so huge and also since I don't have a walking quilt with my new machine, the fabric tended to bunch of funny. I think most of it isn't too noticeable, especially since I was using a really fluffy batting. I definitely will invest in some spray adhesive for batting for the future. I almost bought some this time, but it was like $15.


lizkachu said...

Tori, that is so cute. I need to send you my old sailing t-shirts and get a quilt :)

Elizabeth said...

What a great t-shirt quilt. You did a really nice job! Thanks for sharing!

xo -El

lsj said...

The quilt is wonderful. Joshua is going to love it. So what looks brown is actually blue--the borders, binding and back?

Seamingly Sarah said...

fantastic layout and idea! I haven't used fusible interfacing yet, but I do so love my walking foot for quilting!