Saturday, January 22, 2011

Picture Catch-up

I have enough pictures in this post for about five blog posts, because I've been intending on writing several posts that just never got done. So instead, I have a mammoth January post.

Here is Katrina in a Christmas present dress from her grandparents. She thinks it's a princess dress and whenever she's in a princess mood she likes to put it on.
One evening Katrina took all of the fruit out of the fruit bowl and was playing with it. I was fine with that, as long as she didn't try eating all of it. I turned around later, and found all the fruit sitting there on the couch and floor with bites out of it. "Katrina!" I bellowed. Then I realized who the real culprit was.
Since then Daniel has had a real thing for eating whole pieces of fruit.
It makes him happy.
His hair has gotten out of control, we're just afraid to cut it ourselves but don't want to pay the big bucks to take him to a kids hair place or take him to the cheapo place that Adam gets his haircuts, because most of the employees aren't that great.
Daniel has remarkable talent with drawing. Yes, I know he's only 13 months, but he is obsessesed with writing utensils. From the magnadoodle to markers, he loves scribbling. I don't remember Katrina being like that at that age.

Katrina loves dressing up like a princess, which includes her princess headband, princess shoes, sometimes a wand (in this case a feather duster), and a tutu. Or sometimes a princess dress.
One day Katrina decided she wanted a photo shoot. She gave me the camera and posed with Daddy.
Then ran across the room to pose with Mommy.
In between each photo she ran back to look at it on the view screen, then ran back to have another one taken. I started getting silly.
Then she noticed my silliness.
And decided to imitate it!
She thought that pose was a pretty cool one and kept doing it.
She had Woody join in with her photo shoot.

I got a couple action shots.
This one just kills me:

I thought it was hilarious that we have tons of pictures like this, where her pose of choice was a complete non-expression.
We got a few dancing pictures. Oh, and she has wings too that she likes to wear.

She may or may not have gone to the doctor's office and several other places this week in both her tutu and wings.
Katrina likes to draw smiley faces, and I'd say she's getting pretty good, even if all her "happy" faces look pretty straight-faced.
One thing Katrina is good at is smuggling writing utensils into her room. That Sunday bag that I let her take into her room? Yeah, it still had some crayons in it. That marker that I thought was dried out? Nope. I realized this week that the spot above her bed, which has the most art, had more of a theme than I realized.
How many smiley faces did you count?
And finally, I snapped a few pictures of Daniel this morning before writing the post. He's been fairly sad this week, with his molars coming in, and the 24-hour stomach virus we think he got at the doctor's office (ear infection re-check), and then passed to the whole family. But I got a few bright and smiling faces (and excuse the mess, Katrina thought destroying the living room was a fun pursuit while we were all flat on our backs feeling sick).

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Kami said...

Oh my gosh, I think Katrina looks just like you. There's something about her face in the picture with Adam (the one before the picture with you) ... cute!! :)