Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Jolena's baby quilt

Quilt is done!
I really had fun with this quilt. Don't laugh, but I had a dream a few months ago with a similar design to this in it, except impossibly more complicated, and so I made up little mock up in Publisher. I fine-tuned it several times, got wishy-washy about using it, but ultimately went ahead with it. The hardest part was figuring out what kind of fabric I wanted. Then I found this shop on Etsy that does hand-dyed fabrics, and I decided I loved the gradient look.
I used the same navy blue fabric for the borders and backing as I used on my brother's quilt.

The quilting was actually a huge issue, because I decided that in lieu of trying to decide which color of thread would complement all of these colors, I chose a transparent thread I've never used. The thread was so fine that it cause tension issues while winding the bobbin, and then it proceeded to break both of my bobbins. Yes, they actually broke. I was pretty upset. They aren't easy to come by in stores, so I ordered some new ones online for cheap (metal this time!). However, I didn't want to wait several days to finish, so I got out my old machine. Wouldn't you know, that little sucker had no problem with the transparent thread, and I stippled this in about an hour and a half. The final dimensions are about 34" x 44", I think.

I'll be sending it to my sister this week, and hopefully she and her husband and their brand-new little baby boy will enjoy it!


Elise said...

This is by far the coolest baby quilt I have ever seen. You're awesome! And I didn't know you could stipple with a regular machine. What's the trick?

Seamingly Sarah said...

the fabric colors are amazing. Thanks for linking to that shop. I forgot that I had seen her bookmarks on etsy before. And your nephew will love the contrast in lights and darks!

Jennifer Baier said...

I would love to have the pattern information to do this; i.e., the measurements, amounts of each color fabric, etc. I love to try to make unique blankets for my family members and this quilt is really gorgeous! Please email me, Tori -- okay?

Jolena said...

It's beautiful! Between this quilt, the one from Suzanne, the afghan from Mom and Bill's grandma, Spencer has the most gorgeous set of blankets any baby could ask for! I'm so excited to get it. :)

Momza said...

Tori, that is beautiful!