Monday, January 3, 2011

The Dropper

This last weekend, my mother indicated that I was the world's worst dropping baby (meaning, I dropped LOTS of food and items for my parents to pick up). Recently, Daniel has started dropping things with the sole intention of having Tori or me pick them up. I'm watching Daniel right now, as Tori is getting his new antibiotics for yet another ear infection, and he's doing something that even topped me as a baby. He is following this pattern over and over:

  1. Crawl about 6 inches
  2. Pick ANYTHING up
  3. Sit Up
  4. Drop item
  5. Repeat
He's now been doing this for about 5 minutes. If I were Tori, I'd probably have a video of it, but I don't. Instead, I just had to record this strange moment in my son's life.

1 comment:

Jolena said...

It's nice to see your son follows in your footsteps. Let's hope he follows in some other ones that are a tad bit more useful. :) lol