Friday, December 10, 2010

Playing Catch-up

The kids and I got out the door at about 8:30 this morning and didn't get home until after noon, so now that it's 2:00 and both kids are finally down for afternoon naps, I'm ready to curl up under my blanket, update my sadly neglected blog, and relax.

I think the last time I updated I had pinkeye? Well, the pinkeye is gone, nobody else caught it. Adam recovered from his stomach virus, I performed in the Messiah. I came down with the virus, Adam's mom had to come and take care of me while I recovered. Daniel screamed all that day and I suspected he had an ear infection. We took him to his year-old appointment and found out he had an ear infection in both ears. Everyone now is relatively healthy (fingers crossed).

So, let me talk about Daniel. He is a thriving and happy one-year-old. He was 20.75 lbs (18th percentile), 30.75 inches (78th percentile), and I can't remember his head. 26th percentile, maybe? Anyway, he's a tall skinny boy, apparently. I knew he had lengthened out, but didn't realize how much. Two inches in the last three months! The doctor said he is doing great. He pulls up on things a lot, has one word (happy, or "ha-EE!", though he also loves babbling mamama, dadada, and occasionally ah-choo), army crawls everywhere, loves throwing balls to us and retrieving them, and when he isn't sick, entertains himself fairly well by himself. In fact, I usually put Katrina down for a nap and leave Daniel on the floor in her room playing for a few minutes before I move him to our room for his nap. They get along so well.

He still can't feed himself, and so the doctor agreed with me calling Early Intervention. In all other areas he has slow and steady improvement, but he really needs to be feeding himself. So I'm going to call them.

I have some pictures. The first is Daniel in his crib. I promise he wasn't crying before I ran for the camera, but seeing Mommy leave the room set him off.

Katrina kissing him.
Katrina has a really hard time lately getting to sleep before 2 for a nap. We'd prefer she woke up at 4 so that she goes to bed more willingly at 8, but she likes to take three hour naps, so that means we're always waking her up around 4:30, and she lays there like a slug or complains loudly when we try to get her up. Yesterday I gave her lots of time to wake up, turned her light on, talked to her from the other room, and finally went in to bug her while she stubbornly kept her eyes closed.
See her little garden of bunnies? Katrina has about eight bunny rabbits. I have no idea how we accumulated them all. Actually I do. I think most of them came from Easter. But she loves them and they often nap with her.
What finally got her out of bed was the sound of Daniel creeping down the hallway. For some reason, she perked up and started yelling, "Baby coming, baby coming!" I don't know what is so intimidating about him coming, but sometimes when he comes down the hallways she gets all frantic and tries to close the door on him. But who could close the door on this face?

He's a cutie these days!
Katrina gets attached to strange things. She loves the quilts I make. She calls them blankets and likes to sit on them. We've started sitting on "carpets" (usually handtowels) recently during Family Home Evening because that's what they do in Nursery during lesson and singing time and we want to help her get more used to sitting in one spot. Well, when I took out this table runner last night that I made last Christmas, Katrina was thrilled and wanted to turn it into a "carpet" to sit on. Then she decided it needed to go in front of her spot at the table.
I've been slowly sewing when I can. I've started offering card holders in my shop. Here are a bunch awaiting snaps.
See the picture in the left top corner? That is one of our family pictures. I can't remember if I mentioned that fiasco, but it was crazy and neither kid wanted to sit still. Somehow we managed to get a few good pictures. Adam switched out the pictures in the frames last night. That one used to have a picture of Katrina as an eight month old. Well, when she saw it, she was thrilled. She kept holding it and saying, "Picture of ME!" She stuck it on the floor and danced around it. Finally, she brought it to the table, stuck it directly in front of her placemat, and ate dinner with the picture staring right at her.
Well I either need to find my snaps somewhere under my mountain of craft stuff (my sewing area is exploding but I have nowhere to expand to), work on the leather rivets that I spent all morning looking for (I sold my basket weave purse from my shop but I wanted to put rivets on the handle it to make it more secure), or nap. Napping is starting to look like it will win! Oh, but I also need to get in a shower and wrap up Christmas gifts for Utah family members, wrap up the basketweave purse to ship, practice violin for a musical number tonight, and a few other things.
Oh, one last thing. My oldest brother has been dating someone for over a year, but I have never met her. It turns out she was going to be in town for a business trip, so two days ago we all got together for dinner. Katrina was fairly mild (she has almost always been an angel when going out to eat), Daniel was tired and hungry and done about five minutes in. Besides him, it was a thoroughly enjoyable evening and I was so glad to meet her. They will be getting married soon and I am so thrilled for them.

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