Saturday, December 4, 2010

Pinkeye, Parties, and Puking

(Lovely title, I know).

Wednesday I developed pinkeye. All evening I spent with my eyes irritated, watering, and gunky. In the morning they were glued together. I was able to go to the doctor and get some eye ointment, which stinks to put on because it makes my eyes even more blurry. 48 hours later I still have pink eyes. They are also mildly irritated. Less blurry at least, but I still feel like my right eye is messed up. My prescription has definitely changed and that worries me, because I didn't notice any difference until now.

This morning we woke up with a full day ahead of us. Messiah practice, visiting a nut shop, seeing Santa, and Daniel's birthday party were all on the list. However, Adam woke up puking. He's spent all day on the couch, has drunk a few ounces of powerade and that's all. I obviously couldn't go to Messiah practice, so I'm fairly worried about tomorrow. I really need all the practice I can get. I ran around a lot at midday doing errands, and finally decided to go to New Jersey by myself.

I also have to make invitations tonight for a Relief Society Christmas party, so I stopped by a couple places with the kids before getting on the road. Finally we arrived and had the party. It was lots of fun. Daniel was fussy at first, but eventually ended up having fun. Katrina had lots of fun running around with her cousin. The cake was The Snowman, which is one of our favorite movies.
The cake and tower of presents. Daniel shares his birthday with his grandmother, and his great-grandmother had a birthday this week too, so we had a grand celebration.
Eating a yummy dinner, grilled cheese sandwiches (perfect for a one-year-old) but made with fancy cheeses. Yum. Plus some awesome soup and tomato snowmen!
Close-up of the cake. Mr. Snowman cracked a bit when Daniel's cousin accidentally knocked him over, but he was patched up and still quite darling. Katrina has been talking about birthday cake for days. She remembers that we had cake at her aunt's birthday last month.
Daniel eating his cake and ice cream very enthusiastically.

Surveying the gifts.
Turtle pillow pet.
Blanket from my parents.
Hammering with his hammer.
Playing the bongos.
The party was great. It was a shame Adam missed it. He is still pretty out of it. Tomorrow should be interesting.


shelly said...

Daniel's such a cutie! Are you coming to the reunion, and, if so, are you bringing the kiddos? Natalie's right between them in age, they could all have fun together. Or at least play next to each other. Sorry to hear about the pink eye and puking (I love that word!), buy I'm glad you were still able to celebrate!

Tasha's Life said...

So fun!!! Happy Birthday, Daniel!! I so wish I could be there. I can't believe I've never met him.

Feel better soon! You guys get sick more than anyone I know! So sorry! Vitamins?

Seamingly Sarah said...

You are a trooper! I hope you get some rest and get better soon!