Friday, December 24, 2010

Happy Christmas Eve!

When the kids went to bed, we had minimal Christmas decorations up and only the little tree that fits on our dining room table. We stayed home from New Jersey today because Daniel developed my cold, congestion and coughing and all, plus a fever. I'm feeling mostly better, but have a hoarse voice. Daniel was fairly miserable. So we stayed home, he napped a lot, we played, ate Indian food, and watched a Christmas movie from Adam's childhood on PBS that told the Night Before Christmas and the Nativity story through marionettes. Both kids went to bed easily, with Katrina alternately parroting, "Santa coming over," and "NanaPoppop house." Then we got to work!
I think the kids will be suitably wowed! The effect is of course cooler when the lamps are off, but you get the idea.
Santa delivered stocking gifts.

And the tree is happily surrounded with presents.
And I included a picture of some of our other decorations because I really like them. I love my trees. :] I was supposed to buy one last year and this year but haven't really gotten around to it. But I will catch up and eventually have one for each of our Christmases together!
Now we are happily sipping hot cocoa with our room illuminated only by the lights of our tree, watching that classic Christmas movie, National Treasure 2. Okay, maybe not the most festive of movies, but we watched Muppet Christmas Carol earlier. :]
Tomorrow I will post pictures of the kids! Have a very Merry Christmas!

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