Monday, November 1, 2010

Soft-structured Baby Carrier

I just finished one project of note this week to share at Sew & Tell.

I've been planning on making one of these for months. I decided to finally do it. The cost for the buckles and straps from was $8 (including shipping). Cost of fabric and foam was maybe $20? I can't remember. I got everything 40-50% off.

This is the pattern I used. I changed a lot of things though. I used 1 inch foam instead of half-inch, used foam in the shoulders instead of fleece, padded the head, padded around the legs, changed the shape of the sides, and eliminated the two side buckles.
I forgot one key thing though--I am short. The carrier is a bit too tall for me. Also, I already have sloping shoulders, and the angle of how the straps sattach to the body make it so the carrier slips right off my shoulders when I wear him on my front.

When I wear him on my back it works much better.
Pardon my mirror. I always forget to clean it until I take self-portraits.
Adam likes it. He agrees with me that it puts most of the weight on the shoulders instead of the hips, which is sad.
(UPDATE: I figured out I was wearing it too low and remedied that. It feels much better now. Here are some pictures with me wearing it correctly).
Daniel was thrilled. He was super wiggly at first and kept twisting around trying to see things, but he finally settled in. He wouldn't stop babbling.

For visitors from Sew & Tell, here's my sewing post from last week, when I forgot that there was no Sew & Tell for the week.

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Jolena said...

It looks fantastic! I'm glad Daniel likes it. That's the best part, right? ;)

shelly said...

It really does look awesome, but it's always sad when big projects don't work 100% for you, isn't it? We have a soft structured carrier that I paid $60 (yikes!), but I do like it. It's a lifesaver in the airport - no bothering with the stroller.

Julia said...

You did a great job and I love that it has the foam passing. I am definitely going to pass this idea on. Thanks!


Kelly Irene said...

Your carrier looks really nice even if it doesn't quite fit properly :) I made a similar one but without the buckles. I ended up not using it much because it was such a pain to get on and off and opted for a gently used version with the buckles :) Yours looks great!

TheBlackForrist said...

Wow, I'm impressed, I have an Ergo carrier that is similar in design, I would never have thought to make one! great job... btw, I use my carrier daily! So handy...

Sara said...

WOW! I'm really impressed. I have a Beco Butterfly, I wouldn't have thought to make a carrier either, but yours is awesome! And like 1/8 of the price, rofl!

Heather said...

where did you get all the fabric and stuff for $20?!