Saturday, November 13, 2010

Scary monsters, Mommy

I've showed Katrina the movie Monsters, Inc several times and each time I've wondered if she would develop a fear of monsters or something after watching. So far, she has seemed unaffected. But then last night, she ran out of her dark room saying, "Monsters in room! Scary." Now, she's at a stage where she kind of gets a thrill from being scared, and I can tell the difference between that and true fright. I could tell she wasn't really scared, but could become so if I wasn't careful. So I went around her room with her with a spray bottle saying, "Go away monsters!" and spraying with the spray bottle. She proceeded to thoroughly spray the room and entire apartment, ensuring that no monsters could frighten her again. She even sprayed Daniel and me and herself for good measure. I think I handled it pretty well. A few more times she ran out of her room talking about monsters, so each time I asked her to find her monster spray and she sprayed things down again.

So on Wednesday the Early Intervention evaluators came again. I was worried again about a month ago and called to get her checked again, like they recommended in May. Well, it turns out I have nothing to worry about. Her vocab has blossomed lately and she's even speaking a little more grammatically correct. Her enunciation is improving. The evaluators were very impressed with her knowledge of shapes, numbers, colors, and her comprehension. That was excellent to hear. They did tell me I might want to check out Daniel, because he's behind in a few areas, and I might do that, because I've been worried about him too. However, just in the past few days he's developed the ability to sit up from a laying down position and is perfecting his army crawl/worm crawl. I'll wait a few weeks before calling to see if he continues to make such quick strides.

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Jolena said...

Good solution the monster problem!

It seems like your children like to take their own path to development. I firmly believe they do it just to show they're the ones in control of the situation no matter what we think. :)

Seriously though, it's good to hear Daniel's decided to get moving and start developing a lot lately. I bet it's really fun to see him learn a bunch of new things so fast.