Sunday, November 21, 2010


With a greater vocabulary, Katrina is becoming increasingly entertaining. The other day I was showing her the Ensign with all the temples. We were flipping through and I was identifying all the temples.

"This one is the Bolivia Temple."

"Ee-ya Temple!" (Ee-ya=Olivia, as in Olivia the pig from the Nick, Jr Cartoon and a popular childrens book).

"No sweetie, the Bolivia Temple, not the Olivia Temple." I turn the page.

"Ian Temple, Ian Temple!" (Ian is Olivia's brother).

Me: gales of laughter

Speaking of Olivia, I was relating to Adam a scenario in nursery today where one little girl was trying to get me to pretend to eat a little pig toy. Katrina piped up in the back seat, "Eat Ee-ya, Eat Ee-ya!"

I said, "No, we are not going to eat Olivia!" Then all of the sudden Katrina burst into inconsolable tears. We're still not sure whether she was upset that she couldn't eat Olivia or upset at the thought of eating her. Anyway, it was weird.

Another thing that she does in the car is give things to Daniel. They can barely reach each other, but they pass toys back and forth, food, blankets. Yesterday I looked back and they were reaching out their little hands to each other and grasping each other's fingers. It was really the most precious thing ever. They had big smiles on their faces too. I'm glad my kids love each other!

Well, I was going to try to remember a few more things she does, but it's almost eleven, so I need to go to bed. I'll try to remember some more later.

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Tasha's Life said...

So cute! I'm so glad you are sharing!

Love ya!