Sunday, November 28, 2010

Home sick and a couple purses

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We spend it with Adam's family in New Jersey like we normally do. This year Adam and I brought veggies (asparagus) and a tradition from my family, deviled eggs. We were told there was no need to bring pies, but Adam and couldn't just not make them, so we made a coconut cream pie and have the fixings for a pumpkin pie. Still haven't made that one yet, but I will!

Friday Adam ended up sick all day. Saturday he felt better, but I started getting sick. Last night we were both miserable, waking up all night long. He had church meetings early, but is coming home now to take care of me and the kids.

I made a really nice purse last week that I wanted to share.
It's actually hunter green. It doesn't photograph well.

I really like the diagonal weave. This purse is really nice.
I recently joined a team on Etsy. They have all sorts of teams for stores with common interests or locale. The one I joined is a a treasury-making team. Treasuries are member-curated lists on Etsy that usually have a theme. Really good treasuries are selected to be on the front page of Etsy for an hour. It's great advertising, so everyone on Etsy wants their items to be on the front page. Well, since joining this team (I'm just a trial member so far), I have ended up on the front page three times and got a sale from Australia as a result. It's pretty awesome. Anyway, I showed them the green bag and one lady said she would love to see that bag in leather. At Joanns I looked at their faux leather and found some basket weave fabric I really liked. Yesterday I worked hard and created this:

I really like this purse. My machine had issues with all the layers of taffeta in the green purse, so I made sure to buy heavy-duty needles, and they had no problems with this purse.
The inside has two pockets, one of them zippered.

It's not really done yet--I still have to do the handle. I still need to figure out exactly what I want to do with it.
Thankfully Adam will be home very soon, because Daniel is getting fussy and tossing him random toys and items to play with isn't placating him for very long.

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Jolena said...

Will you please stop making more purses that I want? I just can't deal with having to make decisions about which one to get...

I'm sorry to hear you guys are sick. That really is no good. Hope you feel better soon!