Monday, November 15, 2010

Furry baby booties

So my almost-year-old son has an intense dislike of socks. However, since it's getting cold, I want something on his feet. He's nowhere close to walking, so he doesn't really need shoes yet. I've tried different fabric shoe tutorials before, but they didn't stay on. So when I saw this tutorial for wool slippers, I decided to tweak it into what I needed.
I got this super soft fabric at Joanns with suede on one side and sherpa fur on the other. It was about $24 a yard, but I only got a third, and I have plenty of leftover fabric.
Not only were they fairly simple to put together, but they are super cute. I did make one change, which was to sew the elastic on the outside but cover it up with a strip of the fabric with the fur poking out for some aesthetic appeal.

They took some effort to get onto Daniel (I might make some with a little room to grow), but they fit perfectly and have stayed on his feet all day. These were technically supposed to be a birthday gift, but they work so well I just might use them until his birthday and then wrap them up as a gift. :]

Also, one of my purses ended up on the front page of Etsy twice this weekend! And I got a custom order from it. Very fun.



Jolena said...

These turned out so cute! I love them! Congrats on the custom order. That's fantastic!

Tasha's Life said...

Adorable!!! Love them!

White House happenings..... said...

Mom and I found the cutest outfit yesterday that would have gone perfect with these. If only it hadn't been $50 I would have sent it to you.

Trisha said...

Love them!!!!

di said...

Oh my gosh! These are so stinking cute! lol What a great solution for your no-sock-wearer. My daughter went through a huge no-shoe-wearing stage. It was okay in the summer but as soon as it got cold, we had some problems! lol