Tuesday, October 5, 2010


I just did a crazy, possibly too-crazy thing. I dismantled the crib, moved it into Katrina's room, and put Daniel to bed. I decided that instead of dragging my feet and hoping he would sleep through the night, that I just needed to get it over with. I'm sad. :[ I've grown really attached to him being in our room.

He only woke up once for three nights in a row, and then last night he woke up twice. Well, three times, but once it was because his leg got stuck in the crib! We have a really hard time not waking him up when we go into our room at night, and that's one of the reasons I decided to move him.

I really don't know how Katrina will do. She was excited to have the crib in her room, but she wanted to climb in, and I wouldn't let her. Also, we've been letting her read in her room for about half an hour after bed, and now she can't do that. But that's been a completely different problem--the last few days she's not been going to sleep! Last night we thought she was asleep on two separate occasions but when we went in to turn the light off, she was reading silently on the floor. She was up until 11 and took a four-hour nap today as a result. So I think we're just going to have to nix the reading time and possibly remove her lamp every night. Darn, I wish I had thought to remove it before putting Daniel to bed!

On an unrelated note, I created a button for my etsy shop. It's on the right side of the page. A couple people asked me if I had a button, and so now you can grab it if you'd like for your blog. I also purchased advertising at the blog Somewhat Simple, so I'm hoping for more traffic from that. Anyway, have a great night!

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