Monday, October 18, 2010

Today's projects

I was trying to come up with a new design for purses to sell in my shop, and I got really excited about this purse.

I think it turned out really cute. Unfortunately, I made a bunch of little mistakes that aren't really apparent in the photos but are noticeable when you handle it, like using batting instead of fusible interfacing (makes the seams too thick, and it's still floppy), and well, skipping out on interfacing on all the places I usually use it and using thicker fabric instead.
One thing that worked out great is the location of the pattern--I remember trying vaguely to center it and I guess I did because the finished result has perfect pattern placement.

The inside is just like my other clutches, with credit card slots and a zippered pocket. This has a magnetic closure, though.

So I have a pretty reject purse. I'm not sure what I will do with it. It's very nice-looking, and I am always tempted to keep things like this for myself. I just don't feel like I can sell it without it being perfect.
I cut out some fabric for reusable snack bags awhile back. Now, I could have gone out and bought PUL or ripstop nylon to make them waterproof, but I decided to just use cotton because I don't plan on using them for wet things. Then I decided to make them with fleece in between the layers because fleece is water-resistant. These are very experimental, but hey, they're free.
I also just used my pinking rotary blade instead of sewing them with the seams on the inside. Can you say lazy? That's all right, these have been cluttering up my work space for at least a month, so I'm just happy to have them done.

Next up I am making tights for Adam for cycling (they're all sewn up but I ran out of elastic for the waistband). I also made him arm sleeves to wear with his short-sleeved jerseys. Those, too, need elastic. I have a baby shower on Thursday to make an item for (and I just figured it out, and it's going to be way cute!), and I am going to make a little soft blankey for Daniel to be his "lovey" that he can carry around. Both of those are super quick projects. In fact, I bet I'll be finished with more projects by the end of today! I also am going to start on my sister's baby quilt. I received the fabrics, and they are awesome, so I hope I can make a quilt appropriately awesome. :]

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Seamingly Sarah said...

I run into the same dilema with what to do with "reject" projects. Projects I don't feel are good enough to sell, but geez, I have enough of what I'm making so I don't want to keep them all. So far I've made my sisters and sister in law be guinea pigs. I give them the rejects and ask what could be better or see how they hold up to regular use.

Eliana said...

its SOOO cute!! I think you should redo it! the design is too cute to waste.

Jeroen said...
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