Thursday, October 21, 2010

So, funny story

Also known as, "Baby gift, take 2."

I usually prewash my fabric before sewing, but not all of my scraps have been washed, so after I sewed the baby taggie, I threw it on the wash on gentle, and I dried it. I didn't want any leftover sizing (chemical used on most fabrics and clothes) to irritate the baby's skin. To my horror, several of the leaves were unravelling. This is the worse offender:
Unfortunately I could not simple resew them, because I would have to take the minky backing off. And I suspected it would get worse every wash. So, I went back to the store for some fusible stabilizer webbing. You can iron it in between fabric for stabilizing appliques. I always just thought it was to keep the fabric in place, but apparently it also strengthens the fabric to keep the above mistake from occurring. Then I re-did the entire project. I had to rip apart the first one so I could reuse the minky, but everything else I cut out from scratch. No. Fun. After I fused the leaves and sewed them, I washed and dried the top to make sure it worked. It did. No fraying. So then I was able to sew it to the minky again, along with the ribbons.

So for your comparing pleasure, here is the first one:
And here is the second one:

Almost identical. I skipped out on the fabric that frayed the worst, but everything else is in the same spots.

One baby gift done. Again.


Jolena said...

That is so sad! I'm really impressed that you made the whole thing again though. Whoever you are giving it to is really lucky. Good job!

Seamingly Sarah said...

Wow! Good for you, that is pure committment to quality. That is also one of my biggest fears, the scraps and free fabric bits I get from friends and family. I'm never sure if they've been prewashed or not. Great job though!

Elizabeth said...

So sorry about having to re-do your project. The finished result is really cute, though. Nice job!

xo -El

Jessi said...

Wow! ok, i love all your projects- but especially this one. Would you be willing to make something similar, but to stretch over a canvas frame? if so, how much would you charge? do you think that a flower garden in the same idea would work?