Friday, October 8, 2010

Shared room progress and ice cream cones

Tonight Katrina got a treat--her very first ice cream cone.
She was surprisingly neat. She ended up with one smear on her shirt and messy face and hand, but it could have been far worse.
Tonight we went to the new Target near us to buy some shower stuff. We don't do family shopping outings like that too often. We walked around for maybe 20 minutes, with Daniel quietly clutching the shopping cart and taking everything in with wide eyes, and Katrina sitting in the cart yelling at every Toy-Story themed thing we passed (bad, I know, but she refused to be held or walk while holding hands). Toy Story stuff is everywhere, so we got to listen to her yelling all the time. I said to Adam, "Remember when Daniel was the awful one?" Now he is happy and content to just look around. So life is better in that respect. I would be happier if he would show some interest in walking or crawling, and ecstatic if he would feed himself instead of making me give him every bite. Oh well. Katrina would feed him for me if I let her, but I don't because she doesn't wait for him to swallow and just keeps packing the food in there.
So, room-sharing is going surprisingly well. Daniel does this thing where when we put him down to sleep, he immediately rolls over and sucks his thumb, and then he lifts his head and screeches until we leave the room. However, he doesn't care if Katrina is still there, and they seem to really enjoy each other's company. The real problem is naps. I only get a nap from Katrina every second or third day, but Daniel needs his afternoon nap still. I tried them in the same room one afternoon, and they were happy for a whole hour and a half, but he didn't nap. The next day I left him in there for a short time before moving him into the pack n play in my room, but that didn't go over too well. Tonight, he fell asleep on the way home from Target, and Katrina must be wired from the ice cream, so it's a quarter til nine and they're both awake and talking to each other. Also, Daniel is back to waking every three hours, and I can't just let him cry himself back to sleep because it disturbs her. She wakes up whenever I walk in there to get Daniel, and says, "help, help!" until I go and adjust the blanket to cover her all the way.
I've been slacking with my sewing this week, so tonight I'll be working. I have made the outsides of some bags, but am dragging my feet on the insides. There's just so much to cut out. And iron!

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