Thursday, October 28, 2010

Sew & Tell

I only have a couple of finished projects this week, though I did work on several other things. Both of these bags had issues. The first one is super cute but I decided to do some topstitching that ended up really crooked, and when I took it out, the holes wouldn't iron out. So this bag isn't going into my shop but is instead going as a gift to someone who helped us in a time of need a couple months ago.

I still listed it in my shop, but I'll make a new one if anyone orders it. It's a very cute bag in person.

This one is cuter in person than in pictures but it still is a little off. I think it's a funny size or something. I'm not sure.

I have three framed bags pretty close to being done, but am waiting on my frames to arrive in the mail. I also have a couple more snap clutches to make.
If anyone has some extra time, can you pop over to my shop tell me how you feel about my new pictures that I've taken on my dining room table rather than the lightbox pictures I had up before? I felt like I wasn't getting the true colors in the lightbox and that the natural lighting fits the Etsy aesthetic better. But I'm not sure. Pretty much every day during naptime I take more pictures and try out different angles and stuff.

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Jolena said...

I like the pictures on the table as well as in the light box. I like the table ones when the bags are on an angle (like the snap wallet clutch--embroidered blue silk or wallet clutch in frame--gathered metallic) more than when the table cuts the bag in half (flap clutch--white and silver bridal clutch or wallet clutch in frame--blue silk in lace) behind it.

Your new white silk one is really cute. I see what you mean it is still a little off. I wonder if the sides were more square than angled if that would work better so that the cord doesn't look like it's going to make it fold a bit. Just a thought. I really love the fabric

Elise said...

You could sell them at a reduced price, like a "oops!" listing. I bet you would have some takers!

shelly said...

I like the ones on the table better, as I like the contrast of the dark wood with the white background. Some of the pics still seem a little dark, though. Any chance you could get more natural light, or even lighten the pictures a little in Picasa or Picnik?

Elise said...

Oh, and I like the look of the rich wood with your bags, but the light box makes your fabric look more expensive/better quality.

Do you have a friend with a good camera? Using tons of natural light with no flash will make a difference, but probably will work the best only with a nice camera. However, I have absolutely no idea what I am talking about so you're probably better off not listening to a word I'm saying. :)

Seamingly Smitten said...

I like the pictures on the table. The natural light makes them look more touchable - and it gives you a better sense of the fabric. Please add this to my linky party (and GIVEAWAY!)