Monday, October 4, 2010

Goldfish and prophets

Daniel apparently really likes goldfish. Adam was feeding the baby and if he got slow at all, Daniel would dive for the box, even if he already had several in his mouth.

Katrina likes goldfish too.
She kept showing me the pencil and saying "eat" while I was taking the photos. Finally I realized she had been chewing on the eraser, grr.
She has been wearing this same outfit for over a day. She gets really attached to outfits. Those pants are also Daniel's!

We had Family Home Evening tonight about following the prophet. First Adam asked Katrina if she remembered how we had been watching the prophet and other leaders of the church speak in General Conference the last two days. She nodded and said, "mm-hmm." Then he asked her to point out President Monson. She jumped up and ran into the dining room, where she pointed out the picture of the First Presidency that we have on the wall. Then he took out the Gospel Art Book and turned to the back where there are pictures of all the modern-day prophets. He asked her to point out President Monson and she put her finger up to her mouth and said, "hmmm," then pointed accurately at him. We told her very good job and then we sang the Primary song Latter-day Prophets. We then played a game, Follow the Leader, and we all followed Daddy around the house acting like airplanes and followed more of his actions. Then Adam explained that just like we followed Daddy and did what he said to do, we follow the Prophet and do what he tells us to do. Then we sang "Follow the Prophet."
I thought Adam did a great job on the FHE and I thought I'd share! We were also really proud of Katrina knowing who President Monson is. Also, on a totally unrelated note except being proud of Katrina, we taught her how to say, "Go Phillies!" on demand. Post-season starts Wednesday and we're hoping for the third year in a row of Phillies in the World Series. :] (It's the only time we get into sports, honestly).

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